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Feature: Backblast
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We waiting so mutch times for this feature in all standalone arma series

The NLAW is suppose to be a soft-launch shoulder mounted rocket launcher, I'm guessing that means no back-blast for that one right?

Kol9yN: I can't guarantee that this will be in the game. It has relatively low priority for us right now (there is many bigger issues). I'm just going to look at it and evaluate it (situation in real life, possible implementation problems, etc.). That's all for now.

Thanks, Druid!

DarkDruid, look at ACE, its very eazy to do.

Additional eazy way to resolve:
put 3 memory points on launcher model, 1 - begin/effects point(closest behind Launcher, exhaust point), 2,3 - horizontal angle or danger zone
1 - use praticles and small explosive effect
2-3 - check if somebody stay in this zone

Make simple script for check of objects on vector or stream for check if some static object behind to reverse gas particles/stream and dammage shooter and nearest humans

Optional if be needed, add params for backblast:
I. Radius/angle of stream (if you don want to rework models and add momry points),
II. Power of exhaust - distance(how far particles and dammage be interpolate 1 to 0), III. Dammage/factor of dammage (how mutch dammage can cause by blast, binded with II)

EDIT: in weapon cofig for launcher add param - backblastCauseDamage = 0/1
for modmakers etc.

Resolved! :)

p.s. give me sourses ;), I can make it and lot of other in SQF/Java/C :D

I think it is not as easy as in part one described but probably part to is a good way to make this.
I think it should not kill but harm a bit.

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My guess is that part of the reason why its low priority is because its for all intents and purposes, solved to an effective and relatively elegant level by the community already. Why waste resources on something the community can easily do instead of working on engine features that are difficult or impossible for the community to implement?

(That being said, I'd love to see this natively in-game too provided it doesn't co-opt something more interesting)

Zonr_0, why you bye your PC or car, if you can create it by self?!?!

DarkDruid, any news :)? maybe in beta or final realise? :)

Realism = Balance.

Think about it when Youre in village and you hear a tank. You cant just simply pin yourselve to wall or fire an RPG from inside a building without killing or at least wounding yourself and rest of your team.

Right now if you have AT weapon youre almost like in godmode against armored vehicles.

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agreed on this just because it makes people more aware automatically, also it would be nice to force AT into a tougher position, as currently Vehicles are just targets for over AT use.

also people behind should be burnt, hurt, damaged, injured, or killed from the rocket being deployed.

i.e. Someone behind the rocket holder when it fires will be hurt or killed.

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ACE has it.

Just because ACE has it doesn´t mean it works.

The AI in ACE frequently kills each other with backblast, sometimes in groups.

I´d rather just have a strong visual effect when standing in a backblast area, maybe a knockdown using the new ragdoll, but no kill effect.

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Back blast not kills everytime, of course, but it cause serious injures near death. See some examples: - just drop soldier. - almost killed.

Druid any news?

I will let you know about any news, when there will be any. Don't worry.

@L33CHW33D "The NLAW is suppose to be a soft-launch shoulder mounted rocket launcher, I'm guessing that means no back-blast for that one right?"
No,that's not true. While the main rocket engine is ignited some time after launch, there is still a (smaller) backblast from the launch engine.

If you think about it, the claymore (already in game!) has almost exactly the functionality we're looking for. All it needs is to originate from the back of the launcher, and have its effect be a cone (if it's already not; it might just be an angle), so that someone could lay underneath the blast and not be hurt. Tone back the damage, change the effect, and that's basically all we need.

Another thing to note is that it should be less damage oriented and more confusion/disorientation based.
Yes, putting yourself right below a rocket launcher is a bad idea.
but if you're back 20 or 30 meters, it'll mainly be dust kicked into your eyes, ears ringing, wind knocked out of you, etc. Maybe if you're close enough, cause the player to go into the "roadkilled" state (the one where you lie limp for a few seconds after getting run over non fatally).

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