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Texture Flickering between LODs
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When a model gets in a place where it's between LODs, it starts to flicker between the two constantly when stationary. When in motion, this can be seen as models move into closer LODs: they will flicker during the transition between both before finally snapping into the closer one.


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Look at a model at an intermediate distance. Run around, paying attention to details.

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It can be seen clearly in this video. Watch in "original quality" and fullscreen to see it clearly:

~0:20 tree on the right side

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Yes please, FIX THIS!

just create a new transition effect instead of popping, because of this I am forced to sacrafice valuble frames to push my terrain, objects and texture settings higher to very high at the least just to get rid of the annoying and distracting popping effect.

simply just create a new transition effect for switching LOD's to be much more unnoticable and it will be an improvement.

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Confirmed in latest dev build, but needs better repro steps.

I've noticed this on multiple models throughout the entire island. A major spot that I've noticed it as is when sitting on the hill above Stratis Airport and looking towards Agia Marina. A few of the buildings down there start to have the "popping" or "flashing".