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Missing texts in Dev Build 0.53.103524
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Some in game UI text is now missing in the latest Dev build:

  • Trigger dialogue in mission editor
  • Command menus in game {F18506} {F18507} {F18508} {F18509}


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Confirmed, same for me.

Listed issues are examples, there are many more dialogues with missing text.

Changing UI size does not affect symptoms.

Same here, I was playing the game, then a shut it off as it crashed... booted it up and now i have missing text. I was not aware of an update lol.

carlton added a subscriber: carlton.May 7 2016, 1:13 PM

Same here. Commands can still be issued, but I can't see any numbers or text. On some menus I just get numbers but no text.

CiniKo added a subscriber: CiniKo.May 7 2016, 1:13 PM

The same!....In editor it's impossible works on Trigger, Modules and so on.

please fix ASAP!!

Yup I'm getting the same in the editor.

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LOWCZ added a comment.Mar 29 2013, 3:32 PM

Upvoted, same issue with missing MP mission filters for me :

(DEV Build)

They know already.
From DEV Build changelog highlights, notice the first line after the date:

Text database clean-up in progress - may cause missing strings!
Fixed: RMB to equip did not work for binoculars
Fixed: Vehicle commander stepped optics zoom did not function correctly
Fixed: Mouse wheel camera movement is disabled when in map
Stratis terrain and object placement tweaks
Fixed: Mission failed had two debriefing screens

Upvoted because issue exists, just be patient

Gekon added a comment.Mar 29 2013, 4:52 PM

Hey guys, I am working on this. I would like to ask you for a help to speed things up.

It's easy:

  1. Start the game
  2. click around and find as many areas/UI dialogs/menus with missing strings
  3. post an RPT file here

I am able to easily extract missing strings from such files and fix them in batches.

Survive, Adapt, !!! MISSING STRING

Great to know Gekon!
I'll see to mess around in the menus and ingame as soon as i can and provide the RPT files.. glad to be able to help ;)

Attached my RPT after going around the menus and finding empty textboxes

EDIT: Attached file's name is arma3_2013-03-29_22-03-56.rar

ceeeb added a comment.Apr 12 2013, 2:23 PM

Many text boxes seem to have been repaired as of 0.53.103696

Still something missing around.. 1 that i noticed being still there, is the "Respawn" label in the pause menu in MP (when you press ESCAPE)

Gekon added a comment.Apr 3 2013, 2:55 PM

Hey guys, how does this issue look like in the recent dev version? Are the missing strings gone?

Gekon added a comment.Apr 3 2013, 2:59 PM

@Kid - can you add RPT with stuff missing?

@Gekon that missing line was also in my previous attached RTP (arma3_2013-03-29_22-03-56.rar).

I will make sure to attach a new one as soon as i am back home too !

Thanks for your effort ;)

I believe this should be fixed.

Mass close.