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Water/objects are invisible when seen through glass
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When in third person view, water (and some other objects) are invisible when see through glass, such as that on cockpits.

This bug was also present in ArmA 2/OA.

{F18442} {F18443} {F18444} {F18445} {F18446}


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EDIT CSR Kryssar:
Water as it is is visible but 3rd person view trough vehicle glass blocks surface effect on the water.

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I think the problem is with any type of glass. See the picture below

upvoted +1 too

including in 1st person view, i also saw a fish flying

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@Bogey: In fact, this ticket is a duplicate of yours, but since it has more votes I had to close #5301.

@johncage: They do indeed seem to be related. Marked as such.


Tested on HD7970 with latest AMD beta drivers (13.1 i think)

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

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It happens in FSX too.
As a scenery modder of FSX, my way to deal it is to separate all texture file with Alpha transparent,name them as"zzz*.bmp" or "zzz*.dds",so the game would render them at the last, and partly fix the similar issue.
No idea if it works with ArmA3, but it's not the ultimate way to fix it

The issue is still persistent, i'm uploading a couple screenshots.

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The issue is still present in

The issue also happens in first person mode: and in the splendid camara:

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Related to #0027333