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add a way to kill an unaware enemy in arms reach.
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firing a weapon alerts nearby opposition. For stealth infiltration type missions, this is a bit of a problem when you can get within arms reach but still have to dispatch them with a bullet. It would also give mission designers a new dynamic.


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sneak up to unaware hostile, scroll, click, they die and their buddies don't know.

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an action menu item that let you stab them in the neck or something simple. basically gives a silent lethal blow to the head. I personally like Ghost recon Future soldier's neck break animation.

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I think I'll be okay with this if it takes 10 seconds or more for the whole procedure to complete.

I voted up, although, you can just shoot him in the back of the head. However, a rifle-butt-type attack would be nice.

kavno added a comment.Mar 27 2013, 6:05 AM

The problem with shooting them in the back of the head is that most Arma rounds are supersonic, and for some reason a silenced weapon with supersonic rounds puts an arrow over your head for enemies. Even though when using a suppressor it becomes very difficult to locate a shooter, even when they use supersonic rounds.

agree a strangle, knive slice, or rifle butt would be great. But nothing too quick to avoid BF3 behaviour.

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For AI its good, but here a lot of troubles with pvp in mp!

Need to develop complex system with countermeasures for victim to atacker
Need more different animations for sneaking and kills, optimize ai reaction, need knife (another complex task), need omptimize MP code for better players reaction...

Victim must have chanse for counteratack! its cause lot of question and probmels in MP-pvp

So silent kills be perfect, lets do :), Disscuss it and propose variants for countermeasures and another actions

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Raptor : 10 seconds is too much, unless you're are garroting the target. 5 seconds would be enough IMO.

"Victim must have chanse for counteratack! "

No he shouldn't, it's a stealth kill, how could you counter attack a stab? It takes less than a second to accomplish the move from behind. If you want the possibility to counter attack go play a medieval game.

kavno added a comment.Mar 30 2013, 5:09 PM

I'm not really talking about melee, but more of a stealth takedown without guns. If they know I'm there I'm gunna shoot. If they are totally unaware, why not keep them all unaware that I'm there and break the guys neck or stab him in the heart. But if they adde knives as more Of a tool that would be awesome. Using a knife to cut pesky grass while prone, cut through fences, cut down foliage, disable enemy explosives or vehicles, make hasty traps, or open a can of beans.

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Duplicate of #0002714

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Yeah, this isn't sufficiently different from #0002714 to merit an extra ticket. "Melee" as a general term covers this.