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"Server: Unhandled user message Type_109" spammed in RPT when creating animals
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After you create an animal, the following message starts being spammed int the server's RPT file:

Server: Unhandled user message Type_109


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_sheep= (createGroup civilian) createUnit ["Sheep_random_F", (getPos player), [], 0, "NONE"];

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The same problem happens when using "createAgent" function.

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confirmed. happening here as well.

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Happens here too.

Due to the spamming of the line "Server: Unhandled user message Type_109", over a period of time the .RPT file gets so large that the application may crash.

Imago added a comment.May 13 2013, 1:07 AM

indeed - 60MB RPT files full of "Server: Unhandled user message Type_109" in no time.

This does not appear when running single player / from editor

Also, likely related, when createAgent is called on the dedicated server the AgentTask FSM does not appear to run.

"For security reasons, the command was disabled in Arma 3."

setVehicleInit is not needed to be able to reproduce this defect. This problem is really bad ... you cannot create any animal, without having your server log spammed with those messages. The more animals you create the more messages show up. The bigger the file becomes, the performance of the server drops dramatically.

Should be fixed in next dev build. Please check it and let us know. Thanks

It's fixed. Thanks!

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