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Vegetation texture/LOD popping
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if you ever run across a field or through a forest in arma2/arma3 you see how everything grass/tree related before you "pop-ups" or morphes from bad quality to better quality instantly. i think thats ugly and unnecessary because (afaik) if those vegetation pop-ups wouldn't be instant but faded in like in other games, it would look much smoother and less distracting...

i really hoped they would "fix" this in arma3. anyone else who thinks this is annoying? it kinda ruins the good overall graphics impression (obviously you cant see that on screenshots but only ingame when you're running/driving).

-Donner on {F18369}


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  1. Approach grass/trees
  2. Observe texture pop-ups
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Alpha missing LODs maybe?

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I added a

Included are:
A simple repro mission
My Settings

I will post a video showing how the repro mission performs on my PC within an hour (Currently uploading)

Video of the Repro Mission
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Yes please, FIX THIS!

just create a new transition effect instead of popping, because of this I am forced to sacrafice valuble frames to push my terrain, objects and texture settings higher to very high at the least just to get rid of the annoying and distracting popping effect.

simply just create a new transition effect for switching LOD's to be much more unnoticable and it will be an improvement.

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No words! Tears rolled looking at this

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simply just create a new transition effect for switching LOD's to be much more unnoticable and it will be an improvement. -golden words

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Confirmed in latest dev build. Updated title for clarity.

Confirmed meaning its getting the deserved attention and being fixed? =P

Actually the status is called "reviewed" now, specifically to avoid such confusion. I'm just a moderator, so in the grand scheme of things my confirmation doesn't mean much. ;)

But since this issue is a pet peeve of mine, you can be certain that I'll be nagging the devs about it. :D

woo go MadDogX :) and the soldier inventory in editor ;) you know you want to :D

Lol you mad bro XD but its good to know that someone on the team is as much a concerned fan as we all are. Raises some hope, besides you have 39 backers so far =) ARMA really doesn't need additional graphical features, just need to improve what already is in place, this issue and it will then already make a huge difference.

Just a simple transition effect will work wonders, but maybe how about lowering detail to a point that it won't go any higher? Like for example i noticed if you run low setting, then up close (like 10m) all objects are at their highest detail, so by lowering object detail only seems to affect the distance at which it transitions. Now Instead, how about making for example "high" object quality the highest, but keep the distance at which it transitions constant (which is far away, kinda like the "very high" seeing)

Dunno if its just me, but that souls probably also increase performance, as well as minimize the transition effects, making everything look smoother and less annoying than the popping effect.

Does that all make sense?

This LOD popping is driving me nuts and I'm set to ULTRA!!

I have an alternative solution to this that might even increase performance. Of course, I still would like to see a new less-noticable transition effect.

What I have noticed is that whether you set object quality low or ultra, it will always render full detail up close. So basically my object detail is set to ultra, and i stand right next to a vehicle in all it's ultra detail, and then i change from ultra to low, and then I notice that while the objects further away look degraded in detail, the vehicle is still in all its ultra detail.

So the problem seems to be on low settings, the LOD decreases over distance. On low settings I found the first LOD drop at 30m. Now the problem here is LOD drops every 30m (im assuming) to a lower model, So it would render detail as follows on low setting:

(Note* These are estimated distances and estimated level of quality and may not be 100% accurate, im just painting a picture here)

LOW object quality setting

<30m = Ultra
30m - 60m = Very high
60m - 90m = High
90m - 120m = Standard
120m - and up = Low

and lets say you run High setting now, it would probably be every 90m, so it would be as follows:

HIGH object quality setting

<90m = Ultra
90m - 180m = Very high
180m - 270m = High
270m - 360m = Standard
360m - and up = Low

that is why we keep seeing so many frequent popping effects, unless we run Ultra, which then popping occurs every 1.5km (once again assuming) so it is far less noticeable.

The same goes with texture quality it seems, the lower the quality, the more frequent you notice the transition popping in texture, and the higher your setting the less noticable.

So essentially, you will get to see the full detail and quality of an object/texture regardless of what sewtting you choose, only difference seems to be the distance at which the LOD switches. And I feel this is not necessary at all. For us the problem is that it just is way too distracting to have frequent popping effects.

An easier fix I would imagine being, (and I hope I explain this to make sense) that if I set my object/texture quality at high, i expect that the maximum LOD of object/texture would be High, and not Ultra equivilent. so it would be as follows:

High object quality setting

<1.5km = High
1.5km - 3km = Standard
3km - and above = Low

So instead of transitioning every 90m from Ultra till low, it would transition every 1.5km from high till low. Compare that to previous HIGH quality setting that A3 currently uses, and you would realize that there would be less popping, and most likely better performance too, and this will not likely impact the visual quality at all for those who already run A3 maxed out on ultra. but at the cost of lower quality objects up close. And honestly I am fine with lower quality objects up close, and I am fine with performance increase. I named 3 pro's and 1 con which I dont even feel is a major con at all.

Overall this will act/mimic the ultra setting in the sense that there will be much less popping transitions between LOD and more consistent stable LOD. And also since the "high" detail model is the maximum quality a model will be rendered, this will most likely render less polygon details, equalling to less strain, and better performances, while at the same time less distracting with all the popping effects.

Does this make sense? Does anyone else agree?

I would rather have lower quality terrain assets than I would see constant popping. If you set your quality to medium, don't display assets higher than medium. The LOD popping looks much worse than any lower quality assets would that were static.

I know i agree, i would say that it would be fine for the LOD switching, meant to save in resources, but just don't want it as frequent as it is now, it had to occur at very long range where i don't generally focus my attention to.

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I would really love if it will be fixed
OMG OMG yes yes yes!!!!

To add a little more here. While flying the tree assets should be at their lowest level and not adjust because your flying low. I would not notice a low LOD tree from my chopper, but I sure see the LOD shifting really bad during tree top level maneuvers.

Was about to report this, it's sooooooo annoying.

It has improved a lot

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still present .. also houses and cities are terrible to watch for me. I tried one city on Altis with high settings the city just looked terrible as many houses had low textures applied to it. Sometimes i think they should just do a fresh start with their engine ... at these times i think of what i have seen from GeoVerse by Euclideon, also it does sounds fishy, they can at least display high detailed terrain without (?) popping textures/LOD...(

One and half and it is still an issue.

I recorded this with 1.28:

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Still present in 06.2015 !