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Your avatar should Automatically raise their weapon after using the Map
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Currently, after you have used the map, your weapon remains in the Lowered position and you have to click fire or use the raise weapon key press to bring your weapon back to the raised position. This feels very "clunky" and unintuitive.

When you close the map your gun should automatically return to the raised position.


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with a weapon equipped, open the map then close it. Notice how your gun remains lowered.

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In it's current state, this can't be a realism feature as surely that would mean you should also have to manually lower your weapon before opening the map also, which you don't. This is done automatically, as should be the case with raising your weapon after the Map has been closed.

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Ya, this was a great feature in Arma 2. It get's irritating having to manually raise my weapon every time I open and close the map.

I agree with the suggestion proposed by several people on the BI forums that the weapon should return to whatever position it was in before the player opened the map.

I think the fact that you crouch and lower your weapon gives a good immersion feel to the game. Since you shouldn't be pulling your map out during a firefight anyway, it shouldn't really matter that your weapon doesn't instantly pop back up.

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Duplicate of #3893

Map anims are no longer triggered, this was found much smoother and functional solution thna attempts at actual animations. Also solved bugs with ATV :)

Mass closing resolved tickets from last month.