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Blufor Camo
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Playing in multiplayer, especially at far distances, I've noticed that the Blufor's Multicam pattern it's way too bright, even in "desert" terrain it's easy to spot it.


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Agreed. Blufor is at a disadvantage here (or is this on purpose for balancing reasons? Or so that you can distinguish Red and Blue?). Marines' MARPAT works much better for Stratis.

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I've read it's a matter of rvmat. The uniforms are too shiny, it's easy to notice when you lay in a shadow- you blend with an environment, but as soon as you leave it, you shine like the sun itself. Also in shadows you can see that the uniforms reflect blue sky as if they had glossy finish. It's most visible on darker, modded uniforms.

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Suggest: Change category to "Balance"

I've made an experimental uniform:

What do you think? It isn't stealth device, but it works better at all distances. Still could be a bit more dark.

Rvmat or not, OPFOR camo is fantastic. Almost no way to spot them, unless I have optics, they run around or produce a silhouette against the sky.

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