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Arma 3 - Distance Sound - J.S.R.S Jarhead's Sound Redeployment
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I Saw a post here about this and i want to guide this one to a more easy direction of what we want for ARMA 3 sound!

Today the sound is much better in the vanilla game, but realistic it is NOT!

Shot fired - sound - then bullet hit ??

For all things Arma is a great simulator, but somehow it loses LOTS of points from me on KEYfeatures that makes a game a simulator.
Things that shoud be a high factor to use in the game. This i dont understand and sound and explosions are some of them.

Sound is one of the most important things that makes the game immersive and the feeling of combat.
A group named Jarhead's Sound Redeployment had insane sucssess from my view in Arma 2, too bad the last and best update from them released when arma 3 almost came out!.

THIS is what sound we want in this game and i dont think anyone dissagree in that! Check the video that really explains everything i meen!
BI - PLEASE add this in the full release, Cooperate with Jarheads and make this work!.


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JSRS 1.5 Beta Distant Firefight: THIS IS SICK!

ArmA 2 with JSRS 1.5 - Infantry Firefight:

ArmA 2 with JSRS 1.5 - Armored Vehicles:


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i completely agree with you. it is also very difficult to locate the position of an enemy player firing a rifle when you are near by, the sound seems as if it's coming from every direction, you can't pinpoint the sound even after repeated fire. for example: i was playing death match. a sniper had gotten behind our spawn point and killed us as soon as we spawned every time. eventually, i got out of the spawn area and headed to the hill behind me. it took me FOREVER to find where he actually was because every time i moved, the sound didn't change. it sounded like he was firing right under my feet every single time.

the jsrs sound is amazing y am 100% agree with you y want this in Arma 3.

There are various tickets about sound quality, speed of sound, positional sounds etc. so this one must be closed as a duplicate.

If you have specific feature suggestions for the sound engine, feel free to post them (if they haven't been posted already), otherwise add your suggestions to the relevant existing tickets.