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[Feature request] "Safety" fire mode
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Add gun safety to available fire modes... I think ace already did that in arma 2, I like the idea of being able to switch safety on my weapon on / off..

It might not hurt the game, but might be very useful sometimes.. in addition to this it might not be very hard to implement.


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Cleaned up a little. :)

No need for another key and I don't want to cycle through safety in a firefight (Single->FA->Safe->Single).

i was thinking about this too, liked it in ace even though it was confusing at first, OTOH lowering ur weapon is like safety mode already

Lowering your weapon currently forces you into idle animation which is not that good for movement or simply standing.

VBS2 had safety mode (ctrl+shift) and it works fine there. Can actually have your weapon at the ready without the risk of misfiring it.

Agreed. Although kind of similar to issue 0001307.

I support this. ACE 2 had this, in that there was a firing mode called "SAFE", and it would not let you fire.

This will solve a lot of negligent discharge issues.

A simple SHIFT+F as safety on/off would do the trick !


I don't support this idea. It is pointless and will frequently lead to a firearm being on safe when it needed to be off safe. I get the backing behind realism but most people aren't trained on firearms in the real world and this just add's an extra mode and/or key to add to the clunkiness.

You don't need to be a firearms expert to know that a weapon in SAFE mode wont shoot............


Correct, but combat training and drills teach you to always be conscious of what fire mode your gun is on, a normal civilian mind attempting to play a game (who dosn't care if he/she accidentally shoots a fake in game character), won't be thinking about this and will end up dead or cycling needlessly through fire modes. Its already clunky enough as it is trying to get back to semi from full when you have grenades in the tube.

Your point is fair enough, but as it has been suggested in previous comments, the SAFE mode shouldn't be put in the firemodes cycle (F) but with a dedicated "modifier" (LSHIFT+F for example).
This would prevent an accidental safe mode engagement while cycling trough firemodes and would still retain its function


I don't fully dis-approve of this idea because I like any additions that come with realism, and weapon status is always a concern in the real deal. I just have trouble justifying it here because this is based on a battlefield where everyone is always ready to shoot and accidental discharges aren't really a big deal because its not like we are occupying a town with civilians for hours on end and as soon as you enter a vehicle you enter essentially a safe mode by not being able to shoot.

I just feel there are already so many key strokes that turn away potential players or frustrate existing ones... I'm going to sit on the middle on this one for now. You all have valid points on this.

"I just have trouble justifying it here because this is based on a battlefield where everyone is always ready to shoot"

Not true.. there are plenty of "mil-sim" clans/communities out there that also simulate live firing range drills and such so this feature would find its place.
The strenght of arma series is in the flexibility and ability to simulate potentially everything (with sometimes the right scripting knowledge).

But yeah i get your point too

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Realism guys, can't you just pretend it's on safe? How hard is it not to click fire when aiming at your friendlies, and how many have safety on if they have a raised weapon already?

I assume you didn't shoot your own teammate while attempting to open his backpack by accidentaly pressing LMB insteal od MMB or SPACEBAR (old A2 habits persist).

This is just one of thousands of suitable examples..

Fire mode can be confusing in real combat. I was in a convoy when we came under fire. Our gunner, who was carrying an m249 pulled the trigger three times before he realized he was on safe. By that time we were out of the kill zone, and the attackers were out of range (night time convoy). So even for trained soldiers in a combat zone, this is a consideration.

That said, I vote this down, as there is no good reason to have the functionality. Almost no one will use safe mode, and there are no real consequences for not doing so. Additionally, having to cycle safe-semi-auto-safe-semi-auto is not how real weapons work, and it is silly to have to go to safe on your way from auto to semi.

This is like adding cryptographic keys to DCS A10-C: yes, it makes it more accurate, but it would not add anything good to the game, and simply gets in the way of real gameplay (in the case I'd A10-C, starting up the jet). Minimal return for a lot of hassle. I vote to leave it out.

We might equally well petition to have boots have shoelaces that would trip you up if not tied. Yes, more realistic, but when would anyone ever really untie their boots?

Suggestion: If this were implemented, I recommend that going to aiming mode (ironsight/ACOG/RCO), automatically changes the mode from safe to fire.

That will decrease instances of the safety being on when a bad guy is in front of you.

Just to clear up any confusion here guys, even though I have voted this down, They are asking that it would be a separate key stroke entirely to engage/disengage safety, not cycle through it to get to another fire mode.


But unfortunately people NEVER read entirely the issue reports and/or suggestions >.>

i like this. dont require its own key, but atleast have an option for those with a few extra mouse buttons

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To all of the people downvoting this....

Why don't you just unbind the safe combo if you don't want it?

A safe mode on the guns with the applicable safeties would be useful for when playing serious games, where something such as a ND would compromise an entire mission. Whether you choose to believe this or not, NDs to happen, it's not just a matter of "well duh, just don't click".

I've actually shot about three times by accident, once during a sneaking ops.

You may argue simply putting your finger aside from the mouse button would be “safety” enough…
However I control my mouse using my thumb, index, middle and ring finger (a so-called “fingertip grip”) and need my index finger on the mouse button to move it around accurately and effortlessly.
I don’t even touch my mouse with the hand, it’s all in the fingers really. And there’s nowhere to put my index finger other than the LMB or scroll wheel.
I’m considering switching to a claw grip but other people will continue fingertip gripping nonetheless.

+1 here, safe mode must have
As shift+tilda or shift/ctrl+f or F cycled as weapon mode


As an experienced Arma 2 player I found the 'weapon safety' feature annoyed the crap out of me in VBS2 and I turned it off ASAP; so I'm not keen to have it replicated in Arma 3.


Lol, downvoting simply because you won't use it despite it clearly being useful? Genius.

Why not?

From the Tracker's "How To" guide:

"Voting will help us to determine what is important for players. You can also vote down, when you disagree with reported issue or it is minor issue for you."

I'd rather BIS spent time addressing other issues in the game so consider things like this a minor issue, and believe that adding a "safety mode" to weapons would adversely affect gameplay, based on my experience of how using it in another piece of Software on the RV engine - hence I disagree with its introduction to Arma 3.

I spent more time thinking about this than usual; this is my safety (pointer finger going up and down). But, in reality all my gear is stowed on safe, even my home protection stuff. On the other hand, true reality would be trying not to overheat in the back of a humvee in full body armor in Iraq while some overpaid Haliburton clown cries about his broken air conditioning. I don't personally want it, but it should be available to some one who does. It is more fundamental than boot laces, but an automatic disengage on engaging the sight would be ridiculous and defeat the point. I have had negligent discharges in and out of the game. I vote you should have it, but not me.

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Back then in my first games in OFP's MP I got taught a nice way to enable the "Safety" on a gun : By placing the idle finger on the mousewheel instead of the left mouse button.

Trust me it still works in ArmA III ! ;-)

So, downvoted...

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It's okay, but it shouldn't be a fire mode

I vote up, but would like to see it implemented as an option that is unbound by default like some others.

Apart from accidental discharge while manipulating ingame objects such as rucksacks, there is another cause. Alt tabbing for any reason will usually result in any LMB mouse clicks being buffered and then firing upon return to the game.

If the possibility to place your weapon in safe mode exists, there can be no excuse given for team kills due to no option to make safe.

I voted up. Mostly because I have one or two friends, one in particular who is VERY bad about friendly fire. It'd be nice to tell him to switch to safe lol. Otherwise, if you have a mouse that clicks easy or perhaps like me you have asshole cats who climb all over you at the worst possible times, it could be handy. This way, what's left of my squad won't turn to me asking why I discharged my RPG up their butts and then shake their heads when I tell them "no really my cat jumped on the mouse again!" :D

Unplug your mouse or take some muscle relaxants.

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Down-voted, because I don't want BIS to waste a single valuable second of work with this.

Add a simple safety is not a big waste of time and can bring good benefits.

Why not make it so that you need to hold your fire selection key for two seconds? This method has multiple upsides:

  • There is no additional key combination required
  • It does not add another firemode to the cycle
  • You have to hold it down to switch it to safe, so there wont be a way to put it on safe by accident in the field.

And if you want to put in on fire, you press F once to switch it back. Or maybe to make it more safe, hold it again for two seconds.

If your going to make it like that, you might as well add another key binding because you can set it to a hold key bind anyway.