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Night sky
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This is not really an issue, more of a question whether I see and understand things right or not.

I feel like the night sky doesn't look quite right. The stars should be smaller and more concentrated I believe. This may be a regional difference or perhaps my eyes, I live in northern Europe and stars appear smaller than what I see in ArmA3 and more dim, also they appear somewhat bluish for me.

I tried with both the default FOV and the zoomed out state. Even with the zoomed out state they are somewhat too large.

Another thing is that when you zoom in, they're totally huge. From hat I understand the zoom in is meant to represent the humans ability to see far and the stars look like through my (real life) binoculars and not my natural far-sight, which again brings me to the opinion that the stars are too large.

I wondered if it wasn't possible to use some sort of a camera trick to give the background (sky and aircrafts extremely high up) more depth (of field?). Like when you zoom in, the more distant elements that you see are zoomed in less than the things being closer to you. That way the stars and the moon would never appear extremely close to you and remain somewhat small and very distant.

Anyway, this is a lesser priority thing and I guess the developers have better things to do, but I'd like to hear opinions on this and if I'm correct an improvement at some point. {F18215} {F18216}


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Bohemia added a subscriber: ceeeb.Mar 18 2013, 3:21 AM

no, depth of field would jsut make the stars look blurry and ugly. i think on relatively low density places like altis and stratis, the nightsky should definitely have more concentration of stars as you've illustrated. not sure i know what you mean(nor cna i see in your comparison) when you say stars are too large.

I made a mistake, I did not mean depth of field as in focus to make things blurry. I mean to not zoom the stars, moon and sun much when zooming-in, but keep them always distant as they are (they would be zoomed in slightly, but not according to the level of zoom).

ceeeb added a comment.Jun 6 2013, 6:44 AM

I agree that stars are currently not very well represented in game. They appear as monotone orbs of light, with brighter stars appearing as larger orbs. This effect works well when viewed by a soldier without any zooming optics. However, when viewed at high zoom, they increase in apparent size (see screenshot).

In reality, stars are points of light. They should not change apparent size when zooming. Scaling to represent brightness should be minimal (eg, maximum representation should be say 5 pixels by 5 pixels at any zoom level)

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gonk added a comment.Jun 18 2013, 1:04 AM

yes, the nightsky atmosphere definitely needs improving. It is nice the stars are in the correct locations. (I am yet to spot a planet or the odd meteors) I would be nice to see some have some atmosphere distortion (twinkle) and their correct spectral class (colour). I am guessing it is a texture rather and light points so the shape may be a tad tougher.. thanks.

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Gugla added a comment.Sep 16 2013, 4:56 PM

Hi, thanks for your feedback, this is a problem with point light technology. Now is volume of light made use procedural gradient for pointFlare. For next time, we will want change this technology and draw more realistic effect.