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Trees are resistant to explosives
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Trees are incredibly resistant to explosives ! (quiet indestructibles ?) for example : I've put enough explosives to blow out many houses (5 charges and 1 satchel) under small trees (editor ID 18206,18207 & 18208, I think; coordinates X=4655 Y=5900, near Camp Rogain) and they hasn't been destroyed nor trees in the vicinity (but the "Hunter" car has been, as the picture shows !). On the other side, it's very easy to destroy the same small trees WITH the "Hunter" car, without any damage to the car (cf. pictures).
I try to destroy bushes and bamboos (coordinates X=3250 Y=6025), and, surprise, two trees felt too ! But not the nearests (?).
Conclusion : 99% of the trees are indestructibles ?
{F18194} {F18195} {F18196} {F18197}


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Just place explosives under trees and "Touch off" the bombs !

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But I already reported this same exact problem with almost the same exact wording, a long time ago.

Hahaha. Never mind. I just noticed that my report came LONG after this report. And my report was closed because it's a duplicate of THIS bug report.

Hahahaha. I looked at the "last update" day instead of the "date submitted" day. I'm such an IDIOT.

Still, this bug hasn't even been acknowledged by BIS, yet. And it was reported over a year ago. Sad.

@ heyvern69 :
"Never mind." Don't worry, "never mind" becomes my common way of thinking concerning Arma 3. The more the time passes, the more I let A3 in its (virtual) closet. I'm fed up with unresolved bugs and broken promises.

"Still, this bug hasn't even been acknowledged by BIS, yet. And it was reported over a year ago." As many bugs... Sad, as you said