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Heli Passenger flying alongside the chopper
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Passengers in the littlebird seem to fly along side it insted of being in it. Seems to only happen when two players try to get into the same position at the same time. {F18146} {F18147}


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1.) Create a simple map with two players and an empty chopper.
2.) Both players get to the pilot seat at the same time.
3.) Either end up being in the pilot seat or be glitched sitting down under the chopper.

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This is the funniest thing ever. I also notice when this happens to me you can't exit the vehicle or do anything except respawn. Seems to happen when you try to occupy the same position in the vehicle at the same time as someone else.

I confirm the ItaliaPRIME's observation. The bug happens when two people try to occupy the same position at the same time. Repro requires high ping for one of or both players.

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We have some clues but can you provide us with specific reproduction steps (including info about who is group leader, who server and who client) and - if you can - a sample mission where it is reproducable?

Thank you.

Added info from duplicate ticket. #5486

We have some clues but can you provide us with specific reproduction steps (including info about who is group leader, who server and who client) and - if you can - a sample mission where it is reproducable?

Will try to question participants next time I see it.

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Here I captured video of this issue:

Mission is Wasteland in CooP mode, however I can sometimes reproduce it using mission editor, just letting two or more players to get into the choppa - no matter what heli model I will use for that.

Probably related to #8309

I've specifically seen this error with the Ghosthawk and Marshall. I can't give details on the GH, but I was on AW's I&A mission (on their dedicated server) when I experienced the Marshall. I was not the first person in after it had spawned, and do not know the circumstances between it spawning empty and when I found it laying around. Everybody involved was a client, split between different squads or in the same squad, and nobody was a squad leader.

I had just repaired the vehicle, jumped in as gunner, noticed the ammo was full, and moved the turret slightly before jumping out again and switching to driver. A few players then jumped into the gunner slot around the same time. I drove for a bit with 4 "floating" players around me, before getting in range of a target for them to shoot. Despite having "gunners", the turret did not move or play a firing animation while I saw resulting explosions from their combined fire. My clues to the multiple people is that they were all talking to me as if they were the gunner engaging targets or asking me to drive so they could fire.

I got everyone to exit the vehicle, had only one player in the gunner, and still had his body floating/jumping around the vehicle. We encountered AI, and he was shot and killed despite being inside the APC while I stayed alive. I swapped back to the gunner from the menu inside the vehicle and also shot. The ammo used by the other players wasn't reflected in the ammo count I saw on the vehicle.

  • ?Linked to having multiple people attempt to get in the same vehicle seat, all at same time?
  • Does not show changes in vehicle made by bugged seat incl. turret rotation/movement, firing, and expenditure of ammo by other players
  • DOES show results from firing incl. explosions and dead AI
  • DOES show changes in vehicle made by yourself
  • Does not show "floating" body for yourself when in a bugged seat/shows correct body when inside cabin
  • Other bugged seats show empty when inside a vehicle cabin
  • Player body/hitbox "floats/jumps" around vehicle until it hits ground level and resets
  • Is not reset by clearing out the seat to only one player or emptying in and having a player get back in
  • Is limited to a specific seat in a specific vehicle, does not carry to other seats or same seat on other vehicles.

Please fix this Bohemia! It might just seem like a visual issue but sometimes when the flying player collides with the rotor it kills the whole helicopter (along with the occupants inside :/)

Was hoping this would be fixed by release but it just happened to me with the new release build.. Hope you guys can find time to sort it out soon :)

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This was reported back in the Alpha and it still hasn't been fixed?! I guess this one had to be overlooked in favour of the much needed and highly demanded lady glasses.

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pops added a comment.Feb 11 2014, 2:55 AM

This happens frequently in the current stable build, every mission I join has people floating around choppers or standing upright on vehicles. I noticed that it happens only, when people enter a non-backseat position of a vehicle, that has already a player as a driver/gunner/commander/co-pilot in it.

The vehicle itself seems to exist twice, as in it is not properly synchronized. It is possible to have a MBT with two players in the gunner position, firing at different targets, expending seemingly different stacks of ammo.

When this happens with a helicopter, there is a good chance that the floating player breaks the main rotor.

Sometimes, when a different instance of the vehicles is present for the driver, it appears as if it is not moving for the other occupants. This leads to situations where people wonder if a chopper has already taken off, while the pilot is already flying around.

I also observed people sitting on ATVs that show all singns of driving, except that they are not moving from the spot, i.e. engine is reving, wheels are steering.

Please look into this!

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can you guys confirm that thi is still valid issue?

Thank you a lot.

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Issue closed as obsolete, because it were fixed in 1.18. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.