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Mines will not explode when you are an explosive specialist
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If you are an explosive specialist, and you crawl over mines, they will not explode. If you are any other class, you will cause the mines to explode.


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Steps To Reproduce

1)create a minefield
2)crawl through it as a rifleman
3)after dying, crawl through it as a explosive specialist without disarming the mines.

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Phil added a comment.Mar 16 2013, 9:09 PM

CONFIRMED for all anti-personal mines (common, bounding and tripwire APERS).
When sealing over the mines as explosive specialist they doesn't trigger, getting on your feeds will trigger them immediately.

sealing? getting on your feeds?

This is intended.

It is a gameplay feature: explosive specialists simply dont detonate mines, that they know about if crawling around them. Also, if AI is ordered to deactivate a mine, it will crawl the last few meters to the mine (see in game).

Crawling reduces the speed of such movement so we hope it is not exploitable.

B00tsy added a subscriber: B00tsy.May 7 2016, 12:44 PM

The deactivation range should be reduced a lot too and mandatory prone stance for deactivating. 2 meter distance is unrealistic unless you have some special telescope robot arms.

I think that there should be something like an animation to disarm a mine.
You should only be able to disarm a mine if you are an explosives specialist.
Ok in a minefield it lasts a long time but thats realistic.
If you crawl/walk/... over a minefield (that is not disarmed) it should explode not mentioning if you are an explosives specialist or not.

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Raven added a comment.Mar 27 2013, 5:40 PM

I think the best would be if only marked mines didn't explode.

BUT it broke gameplay!

My propose: if exp specialist have "Mine detector" he can detect mines.

If he DONT have "Defuse kit" item, and try do disarm - increase random chanse to explode mine when he try to disarm to 70%, Fail-Explode, Success-Disactivated.

If he HAVE "Defuse kit" item, chanse of explode is very small, and he can deactive it with highest chanse 90%. Some likes mini game

This is micro interaction feature - that make game play! :)

Additional: if explo spec or somebody another have anti-mine device (magnetic based) then decrease reaction radius for mines <- Optional if possible

Please realise this, nothing hard

I really don't like this "random chance" idea.
Just try to figure a mission where the last task is to disarm a mine. Your reach it, throw dice, bad luck boom you're dead, try again.
It can't work this way.

use "defuse kit" for 99%~ of Success disarm...
Dont be a Zombie please :)

If you make mission with disarming, write simple script for it...

This feature is described as follows:

Normal units:

  • explode on mines no matter if they have detected the mine or not, no matter how they approach the mine
  • can use mine detector (a special item) to detect nearby mines automatically
  • can detect mines by their sight on some terrain and light conditions, this detection ability is variable along unit types and exact conditions of the mission
  • cannot deactivate detected mines

Explosive specialists:

  • they detect automatically mines with mine detectors (item in their bags)
  • explosive specialist dont detonate a mine if:

a) they know about it (detection by mine detector or by a unit)
b) they crawl in the activation range of the mine's trigger

  • expl. specialists deactivate mines if they have toolkit item in their inventory

These are design decisions and mechanics present in the game. So it is not bug but a proposal for change of the functionality.

TODO: I challenge you to convince me that the current system is unacceptable ;)

This is a desired state as described in the comments.

Mass close.