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3rd person view
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Okay i've always been wondering since arma: armed assualt: What is 3rd person doing in such a sexy game?(actually it first became sexy now in arma 3 but you get it)I mean it's what makes this game more unrealistic than COD(it sounds cruel).
Protectors be saying: If you don't like it play on elite difficulty, retard or play on hardcore server, faggot or why don't you use it yourself that would make it fair. So cut to the chase.

Arguments for removal: 1.Unrealistic, arma aims to be opposite of that, at least i thought. 2. It can be used to see the enemy tho you're hidden behind a corner, three, bush, laying in grass so on, and for players who find it natural to look in 1st person, they have a HUGE disadvantage, it's almost like wallhack vs not wallhack. 3. Bot's do never have this ability and it's very often players fighting bots or players and bots. 4. You can keybind to space for rapid switching between 3rd and 1st person and basicly make yourself super human. 5. look around, does battlefield or COD(except for server dedicated to play 3rd person, and everybody is forced to have 3rd person toggled on) have this? NO! do they make alot of money? YES! Do you wanna make alot of money bis? FUCK YES! More money means better gameYES!
Arguments for 3rd person:
It help you orientate better. It's can be used to gain an advantage over your human or bot enemy(super effective against bots). You can see yourself. It ads an strategic element to the game, press for "," tactical view.


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I also think it's makes the game fell unreal, cause you don't know if your enemy killed you in a fair manner. Im not saying they should remove it completely... and could not find any other post about this so just posted...

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Also i think theres way too complex difficulty system making it's impossible so lure what settings are on the server.

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agree on serversetting, on a research for one, I landed here.
even when I like to look at my player in this new game,
no third person would be a benefit for most.
Like cutting with a knife instead of an axe. :P

I think the reason for it to be in Arma in the first place is because the FOV can not mimic a real pair of eyes and therefore you won't be as aware of your surroundings as you would in real life. 3rd person view almost give you that awereness (with a slight unrealistic awareness level too...)

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This is not the place to discuss this.
Please go to the forum.

It will never be removed.
Hopefully difficulty settings will be visible in server list.

Well never said i hated 3rd person, i just thought it was too easy to trick people who didn't use it, wathcing them run around in their little realistic world.

The server can restrict the 3rd person.

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Doesn't matter still unrealistic, just today i killed an enemy player that first spotted me, i broke line of sight but maintained my own with 3rd person sneaked up from beind and planted a bullet in this back. Just because i broke his line of sight first i won, not how war is fought in real life.

Basicly what i feel is that it's very unbalanced in multiplayer because in some situations it's unfair and overpowered and sometimes you're fucked if your in 3rd person. Doesn't matter in singleplayer tho

Sadly this issue has already been addressed in a way.

Server providers can opt out of 3rd person view, and that option itself is already a solution to this.

Shacktack, for example, disables it on all missions they create, for a better sene of realism.

Other servers, particularly the ones that run Wasteland, refuse to disable it because they feel because it is part of the game, it's part of the mod.
A flawed argument, I'd say, but so are the ones in favour of removing 3rd perosn entirely.

The same way there will always be people using 3rd person to their advantage, there will always be cheaters, hackers and botters across all games.

Life isn't fair, no. Doesn't mean you should push your "solutions" on others though.

Just filter the servers with 3rd person on.

@TTc30 It does matter, if a server can chose what he wants it isn't the game's fault, this game is a military sandbox, not a full simulation, and it has its features that enhance what we can't do in a video game, but we can in real life.

3rd Person is most used to check if your body is covered, to have a better sense with a vehicle you aren't used to drive, and to check animation bugs. It has been since the first games and servers that focus on realism always choose to disable it. You don't like it? That doesn't matter for changing a game feature, make your own server and make it first person only.

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Okay, but lets make it so we can turn bullet drop, bullettravel time and stamina on and off it's the same issue, unrealistic as F

As mentioned before, this is not a forum. If that is a feature request it's badly formed, abusive wording etc.