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Option to Lock a door from the inside
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In Arma 2 it was possible to lock a vehicle so nobody else can enter it, in arma 3 it would be great to do the same including house doors so you have to use an entry tool like a crowbar or explosive or simple kick the door open all this would bring a new tactical element to the game for example.


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in arma 3 you can enter every single building the perfect way to fortify yourself but without having the possibility to lock the door it makes no sense

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see 0003376 , 0003914 and 0005824

@jejn thx 4 the info my post inlcude the locking function

Support. This would add an entirely new aspect to close-quarters-combat gameplay.

I've removed the suggestion about breaching from this ticket since that is a duplicate of #3914, please use that to discuss breaching. This ticket should be about door locking only. Thank you!

There should be a way to override the door lock, maybe by shooting it or something.

Setting status back to "new", since feature requests should not be approved by moderators.

@ Lagueesha indeed i missed this feature in arma, it would change the whole cqb situation/gameplay

coupled with breaching this would be cool. only doors with a deadbolt like entrance doors

You can't simply lock ANY door IRL, so this feature needs to be available via scripting commands but not by default.

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Good idea

We have it in WIP EVI mod, but wold be perfect to have it inside game! :)

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Many door are lockable from the inside. Most front doors are lockable from the inside without a key, for instance, while most room doors aren't. Yet most room door are usually way more flimsy than front doors. I think lockable doors would add A LOT to gameplay!

Front door locks: Hard to pick.
Room doors: Flimsy and easy to pick IRL, depending on whether it's a skull key door or not. Most room doors have skull keys. But then even if it's not lockable, barring it is another posibility, making city wide fights the likes of Stalingrad possible.