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Ammunition should cook off after vehicle explodes.
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This was a very cool feature in ACE 2 that was an improvement on how vehicles blew up. Basically, some vehicles, when critically damaged and about to blow, would spew fire from the engine. The explosions from vehicles were also much cooler to watch. After blowing up, secondary explosions would occur inside the vehicles. There would be a large number of secondaries as the ammunition for the crew serves cooked off making it dangerous to go within about 20m of a blown up vehicle for some time. This was a really cool feature and created much more immersion. I'd love to see it in vanilla Arma 3.

You can see a demonstration of it here:


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This would also give time to escape from the "sinking ship"

But I think this is somehow already implemented? Because yesterday when a AT shot at my Ifrit everything turned red (The indicators on the top-left corner) but the vehicle didn't immediately blow up so I ignored it and kept firing. but after a 5-7 seconds the vehicle blew up in the air.

I wasn't sustaining any damage after the AT shot.

xCryonic, they do have something to that effect implemented and I believe they had something similar in Arma 2. The "ammo cook off" module in ACE mod expanded and improved on it. Vehicles would burn or spew fire as in the video link before blowing up, and after blowing up ammunition would cook off and fire in random directions. Compared to it, at least in vanilla A2, the explosions were very bland. They've improved a bit in Arma 3, but in my opinion the whole ammo cook off would make it even better.

Difficult to find a good category for this, but "animations" is not it. :)

Switched to "visual-vehicles" for now. If anyone has a better suggestion, post here.

Ya, I spent about 5 minutes staring at the options and wasn't sure which to put it under. Sorry about that.

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Vehicles should not explode in the 1st place and even rarely catch fire, unless his with explosives.

This is mainly about vehicles with ammunition on them like tanks, APCs, etc.
You conveniently hit the spot where all the ammunition is being stored and therefore cause a chain reaction in which all the explosives start detonating.

Btw i read somewhere that there should be cook off in final version

Allrighty, this sounds good then ;]

strangere, exactly, or say a rocket or missile blows up a vehicle, or lights it on fire, the ammunition should also cook off. Basically, if it catches fire and has ammunition anywhere inside, the ammunition should cook off.

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related #0001857

YESSS!! add this

Brilliant I reckon you should work for Bohemia - they need some major help with:

  1. FX - Sound and special
  2. Sound in general
  3. AI programming

I agree. Also, the size of the explosion should depend on the amount and type of ammunition stored. For example, a self-propelled artillery piece should cause a huge explosion if destroyed, like in BF3, when a BM-21 Grad was taken out.

RickOShay, I'm no designer or programmer. The video is actually from an Arma 2 mod called Advanced Combat Environment/ACE. Those guys are the ones who should be working for Bohemia.

If implemented, max number of explosions should be set (regardless of how much pieces of explosives are inside)in order to limit possible game problems.
E.g. 100 exploding satchels in vehicle, could cause game performance problems.

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Whatever the final effects of vehicle destruction will be:
There should be a high degree of randomness in the effects. Not each and every disabled tank needs to light up in a big explosion.

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