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Better feedback for injuries/bullet hits
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The feedback when getting hit by bullets isn't distinct enough or doesn't work right from time to time. Sometimes I get hit without even noticing it.

The feedback should be stronger, like a bright, red flash and a recognizable sound that indicates you have been hit.


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Different games have been giving people a wrong impression of what it's like to get hit by a bullet.

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report 0004977 has a more verbose take on this, I think TTc30 already saw it.

Ruthberg, I understand that the stopping power of pistols is very limited but ingame even the impacts of 7,62mm bullets are hardly noticeable. The kinetic power of projectiles like that should be noticeable in some way.
Yet ingame I often only hear the impacts of the other bullets around me or the bullets breaking the sound barrier over my head. And once the view begins to get blurry due to low health it is usally to late.

Ruthberg, I think that particular case is anecdotal, at best. I have seen other videos where pistol shots to the torso make thugs roll around on the ground in severe pain.

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TTc30 are you implying that a person can somehow get a right impression of being hit by a bullet in a videogame :V

Red flashes and such in videogames are indicators that you are being shot, something you may or may not notice irl but will want to notice in the game for gameplay reasons.

here is a perfect example of how ragdoll looks in RL
skip to 1:30

  1. he still lives
  2. but still, he falls on the ground

I would implement it in arma like:
Whenever you get injured by a bullet, fall on the ground with RagDoll.
After 1 second switch to prone (already implemented with "run over by car", I guess).

it would be WAY better, than what we have now. Usually people fall, when they get shot and it doesn't matter, if they still live. There are plenty of videos out there.
Imagine, you are patrolling with some friends, you hear a snap, and "ragdll" to the ground. wouldn't that be much more thrilling than a look to the sky, or a red flash? Same goes for the AI, if they are hit.

please consider my suggestion.

The ragdoll Idea is good. Though I hope it doesn't glitch too much. Also it would need a lot of tweaking. Not every kind of bullet would bring you down, at least not immediately.
There would have to be a delay of some sort and a consideration of projectile calibers. Otherwise, especially cqc could be very frustrating if even a single bullet could make you drop to the ground. It would be reasonable to expect that a soldier has the possibility to return fire when hit, unless if the injury was fatal of course.
However one could expect to be thrown off target by a bullet impact.

But those are very complex features on their own, which should be considered in a different ticket, I think. Kind of annoying that 0004977 got closed for no good reason.

I would also like to see more reactions based on bullet placement and penetration. Add a few inner hitboxes to simulate bone shots, which would affect limb use.

As it is, it feels a bit arcadey. You can shoot someone a few times in the arm or leg to kill them, and point blank headshots barely phase a person.

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Being able to tell where you got hit or even when you got hit is way too difficult. You get shot and the only visual indicator is the blurring screen.

It'd be nice to have something as simple as the stance indicator popping up and the damaged body part glowing red. Easy, simple, powerful solution.