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Land vehicles especially lighter ones have NO sense of initial torque and/or wheel spin.
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In any basic driving game not just racing sims there should be some degree of wheel spin or sense of traction or lack of when it comes driving the wheels.

I will admit that with heavier vehicles this may not come up due to weight but you should absolutely experience this when going full throttle from a complete stop in a ATV or truck, car etc.....

The best way I can describe this is as torque or wheel spin or just the initial search for traction when accelerating from a stand still.


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Get in any ATV or truck and try and go forward full throttle from a stand still in the street or in dirt and it will not burn out in the slightest.

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I dont see this as a major priority, this is more of a gimmick

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Nonsense, this is supposed to be a simulator, it should be authentic or at least realistic in most areas.


Not talking about advanced driving game physics here, just a basic fix to add to the immersion.
IRL if you just jump into a truck and mash the peddle it does not slowly take off like a slug and then gradually gain speed as it is currently in game, you have to contend with variables such as what kind of surface you are on and you will have to sometimes counter steer to correct your heading.

Agree that the vehicle controls, handling and physics could really use some impovement - not even going to start in on the choppers, but we'll hopefully be getting the flight model from TOH at some point - nevertheless, to label this a major issue that needs immediate attention is an overstatement. Ed: Upvoted, BTW, because it's a legit concern that should be looked into time permitting.

For breaking from high speeds, I absolutely agree, however, I think pressing W or Q to accelerate should emulate the driver slowly accelerating specifically to keep from losing traction. Pressing E, however, should 'peel out,' as this would be similar to stomping the accelerator down.

Really? Every time I get in the pickup or Hunter and press my fancy "w" button as hard as I can, I heal the dirt squealing for about 1 second then it stops and then it goes ago for another brief moment. Quite realistic actually (minus the squealing sound on dirt). I was actually impressed that there was that wheel spin and squealing when you do accelerate.

Upvoted. BUT. This is the infantry part of the alpha release. I think they have stated somewhere that the vehicle models still have weight yet to be added etc. The only vehicles that are in there are there just to make the infantry showcase a bit more interesting. So expect more changes for BETA I would say.

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What about hill climbs? As soon as you start ascending a hill in a light vehicle it slows down to 1st gear and low revs. I reality you should be able to ascend a hill with no difficulty. What we are seeing is Arma2 physics for vehicles.

It'd be great to see different gears and maybe smoother wheel turning on the ground vehicles. It always gets to me how jerky car motion is in videogames, and how the speeds are always fast or faster.

You can't roll through a quiet village in a convoy with everyone going full tilt and jerking left and right all over the place...

^ i agree 100% with PWNtrooper, except in arma there is slow, fast and faster, no medium, and hill climbing is a pain.

...a manual gearbox would be cool

overall, the vehicle physics are terrible at the moment.

Overall the vehicle physics aren't in the game. There are tons of these threads and you'll see me in a lot of them explaining this.

As stated once this is the infantry test. We have the most basic model of vehicles with the most basic physics implemented currently this is simply to test basic animations, movements and basic functionality.

Take the current Helicopter model, we all know by now that they will be using the TOH Flight model but its not in the game yet, this has made the helicopters feel off but they work allow us to test and is not the finished product. It's the same for ground vehicles and if we hit beta and its barely changed, Then we will start threads like this.

Thanks for the heads up Dancer.

I really hope you are right. Other than Indoor combat I feel land vehicles needed the biggest improvement. I will believe you for now and focus on infantry.

Is there a way to close this or put it in hibernation?

I don't know about you guys, but they drove it home in operation flashpoint dragon rising. We had so much fun driving the dune biggies because they felt so real. Torque, speed, suspension. There were nights where me and my mates just races duners all night. If they got it right there, why not hear. The Atv's especially drive like crap. No sense of connection or realism and not fun to drive at all.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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I said it before and I will say it again,

I see no difference or close to none in the driving physics from
ARMA2 to ARMA3. Sorry, but up until now the so called Physx are, well,
I don't really know what they are at the moment.

I really really hope this would get better because if it won't,
than it's just like ARMA2/OPF.

(Edited to be more constructive.)
Ok so it is now Beta and I still see almost no difference, this is a Milsim right?

Do we know if it is even possible to have a bit more of a traction simulation and at the very least more bottom end to vehicles so they don't get bogged down on inclines. IRL when a truck slows down on a dirt hill it will usually be a traction issue not the engine being slowed to a stop.