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Clouds don't seem to cast shadows as they drift over the landscape.
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Clouds don't seem to cast shadows as they drift over the landscape.

or is there a higher graphics setting that produces this effect?


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Don't suspect so, Feral. I've run all of the Cloud settings, and none of them produce those shadows as far as I've seen. The only thing I've noticed is, that if you set them to DISABLED, the environment lightens up. So I think, since it's this TrueSky feature thing that works the clouds, the landscape-shadows are implemented, they're just not enabled for us in alpha.

I suspect (and really hope) they'll show up later, because dang it's awesome. Same goes for light rays down through clouds from the sun!

Could be the "Shadows" option in the video settings. Because right now the highest setting for Shadows is "High" and it looks pretty bad when comparing to the "Low" setting, on "High" setting the shadow is really serrated and from distance it flickers. I think the final setting for shadows are going to be either "Ultra" or "High" which would include smoother shadowing and cloud shadows

Probably a disabled feature because of the huge performance hit it would have at the current stage


It would look amazing, though, even at a very low resolution.

Operation Flashpoint: Elite's lighting would alter in real-time, as if influenced by clouds. It was a very impressive effect. I can't remember seeing it after OFP:Elite, which is a shame.

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Cloud shadows on the ground dont have to match with clouds in the sky, nobody will even notice that, so it want be a big performance hit at all.

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also i dont bother with not real shadows. The shadows should be somehow related to the real shadows and time of day. But i would very much support this. Depending on the perfomrance hit it could be turned of if needed.

the reason is because you have a limit of how far you can actually shadows in the game.

have an upvote, it would be such an amazing feature

If It's heavy on performance, just have a tab to turn it off, that way everyone is happy :-)

Also, xCryonic - the settings might depend on your hardware, 'cause I have an Ultra option as the highest (though the clouds themselves improve up through the level settings, that's the only real thing that changes, atleast from what I can see)

Still hope to see the landscape shadows in the final version (and if it's that big a performance hit then indeed, just link it with one of the higher settings like Very High or Ultra).

new low intensive shadow setting for only clouds will solve this issue.

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Voting up!
now cloudiness only affects intensity of grounds shadows, looks very unreallistic when there is a lot of blue holes in the sky but landscape is the same gray color everywhere.

Also when cloud shadow moves in to/out of player's location luminosity should change accordingly.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.


Even a simple projector casting a texture map over the environment is better than nothing. Just imagine the effect it has on distant visuals versus the flat lit environment.

We need cloud shadows BI. Please make it happen :)

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If it is possible without taking a big fps hit it would be cool. I am already glad that we have these great looking clouds. What I also would like to see is a slider in the weather menu where you can set the altitude of the clouds.

Clouds casting shadows would look awesome. Even if it would be just a texture wrapped over satmap, and middle or close to the player it could be rendered as a real shadow.

Altitude of the clouds + their position, type, dispersion - does it have to be supercell or not?

Intel tab definitelly needs more advanced options for mission makers.

Yes this effect is so awesome and makes the game much more immersive when implemented correctly.

Totally Voted Up!

Yeah it's assigned! All hail Dazhbog! Slava!