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Environment sounds are muted when inside an open vehicle
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When you are in a Car or Helicopter , even if it has open windows/doors like in the little bird or even the open ATV , there is no envoirnement sound. {F17935} {F17936}


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Open Editor
Set Rain to 100%
Place an Hunter GMG
No Rain sound into vehicle

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this would be great

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It is an armored vehicle with thick plating, of course you don't hear rain. It is not a Prius! :)

Even a tank APC and AAV you can hear the rain, and they all can demolish a Prius. :)

Good find. In racing games, you can hear raindrops tattering on your windshield.

confirm. I realised that all sounds vanish (environment sounds: wind, insects...) when i get into a quadbike

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Copied title and description from dupe, since it describes the problem more fully.

The Prius bashing was started by american car manufacturer who could not live up to the quality levels of the japanese car manufacturer. Are you employed by GM or Ford since you ride on the bandwagon?

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"confirm. I realised that all sounds vanish (environment sounds: wind, insects...) when i get into a quadbike"

Same here. Just noticed that today.

This issue also means there's no environmental when in a steerable parachute.

Duplicate issue: 11446

Will be fixed in next Steam Dev version