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Grenades are not powerful enough.
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Grenades are not powerful enough.

I can stand right ontop of one and it won't kill me. It takes 2 grenades to kill a player.


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Throw a grenade and stand on it or near it.

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which ones? mine kill instantly

hand granades. if they kill instantly then it's because the player or youself are alittle hurt in advanced. you can throw a granade right at your own feet with 100% health and, survive the explosion

There are 2 types of grenades: RGO and MINI.
Mini are ofcourse less effective.

I confirm what oldirty said: RGO kill instantly

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Are you in Mercenary mode when that happens?
I have adjusted all my Difficulty seeting so there is NO extra armor on the characters and both types of grenades kill with 5 m radius at least. Sometimes further out.

I did another test and at 15m I get a knock, mud and sometimes some blood splatters on the standard grenade. Why do we see it different. We need to investigate.

Nice detail you pointed out, KDN.
I have to remark the fact i've tested in Veteran mode (no extra armor)

ye but even the easist settings the granades should be leathel, and yes i am pretty sure it was not the mini granades.

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i threw a grenade on top of an enemy and he just gets up and kills me!!

so unless the future soldier is equip with some sort of anti-fragment armor then this is unbelievably annoying

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Main menu -> Options-> Game -> Difficulty. Property that affects this feature is called "extended armor". If it is enabled, explosives are weak, as you describe.

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That is the armor I was referring...Thanks for the clarification though.
Thanks Realo

"Immediate" priority is for show-stopping bugs only.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

This still seems to be an issue, go into the editor place a rifleman on a hard standing surface throw a grenade at your feet and it will not kill you.

Even with extended armour on this grenade should kill around 6 meters at least.

Grenades should not be guaranteed kills at any distance. People survive grenades at point blank range all the time. It is all a chance game where the fragments go and what they hit. With proper flak vests, helmets and going prone you are more likely to survive a grenade just a few feet away with some minor injuries than to instantly die.

If they simulate grenade chance to kill properly then fine. But for now grenades seem to often do 0 damage at very close range in a pretty obviously buggy fashion. The bugs need to be fixed.

Issue still there. If you have a vest on your character then the grenade isn't killing you even if you stand right on it.

btw , do also something for grenade launched by EGLM or 3GL