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(0.11.103003 Dev build) Server crash when grenade is thrown
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Throw 2 grenades and server crashes shortly after second grenade blows. {F17928} {F17929} {F17930}


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join 0.11.103003 Dev build server with 0.11.103003 Dev build client, choose any mission including BIS built in missions co07 Headhunters and throw a couple of grenades...server will crash within seconds.

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Please provide files according to HOW TO GUIDE in the top right corner

If this also happening when using the stable version of Arma 3 Alpha both server and client side?

Attached three crashdumps and RPTs from windows server 2008 rc2 64bit.

Could you please try to reproduce this crash also on stable version of server and client? Thank you

I am not able to reproduce this crash with the stabil 0.5 version of client and server. The stable seems stable regarding grenadethrowing.

How else can I help?

Thanks for the info and files attached. We'll look into this

Same again for latest Dev Build 103078
Uploaded latest server crash reports.

I already have 100% repro, so going to fix it..

Appears fixed in latest DEV Build 103342

It could be because of a patch which I added into DEV version yesterday. I had 100% repro before that patch and now the number has been reduced down to zero :-)

Still happening 100% of the time on my server. Running stable version of 25th of march.

I can confirm, Throw 2 grenades on Stable version 103279...Crashes server..
Still appears fixed in DEV version 103342.

Maybe same issue was not fixed in latest Stable version?

Yes.. our distribution pipeline works this way: Each member has some assigned issues and when he fix a concrete one(at least when he think that he has fixed it ;-) ), He will propagate patch to QA and community (yes, you guys) and if QA nor community don't break to patch, so developer mark issue as fixed and patch will be listed into next stable build. So the latest stable was last week, but in that time I wasn't sure if my patch helped.. that's why we decided to did not propagate it into latest stable

should be already fixed. Can someone confirm it?


Apparently this has been resolved.

Mass close.