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One bullet in the chamber
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In a real firearm, when you have load the weapon their is one bullet load in the chamber, if you reload to another magazine and your last magazine wasn't finish, the bullet still in the chamber so their is one bullet more in the gun.
example : with a M1911 who have a magazine of 7 bullet, you arm the weapon and
now their is 6 bullet in the magazine and 1 in the chamber. if you reload their will have 7 bullet in the magazine and 1 in the chamber for a total of 8 bullet in the weapon. This feature isn't in the game. To have a real military simulation I think that this feature cannot be forgotten, and in this game every ammo count so 1 bullet more is important .


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Sorry for the (very) bad english

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Absolutely correct. One of many features that need to be adressed in order to improve the polish of the game.

There are more issues on this.
If you reload a weapon, (with a bullet in the chamber) and you load the first bullet in to the chamber manually (because of reloading), your weapon will stuck.

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Assuming you're reloading on a closed bolt if there's still a round in the chamber, racking the gun to load the first round from the magazine should eject the one in the chamber. If it doesn't, you've got bigger problems.

My Sig 550 cant do that :(

clearly one thing that is currently missing

It's correct what OP is saying but is not wrong in the game.
The real error is that the soldier ALWAYS re-cocks the gun after changing mag (check the animation from 3rd person view).

That's the real bug =)

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Easy as fuck to make

Duplicate of #0000625.