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Game can't even launch
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Whenever I click "Play" on Arma III from steam I receive an error that says "This application has failed to start because d3d11.dll was not found. Re-instaling the application fay fix this problem." I've updated everything imaginable, re-installed and restarted multiple times, I've pretty much tried any solution I could find but nothing works.


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This isn't a universal problem but for me all I have to do is attempt to start up the game.

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Try to download and install Directx11 again.

What GPU are you using ?

I've downloaded Directx11 again, even un-installed and re-installed. I believe my GPU is ATI Radeon HD 4600.

I checked you card, It uses Dx10, try again but with DX10 I guess.

it used Dx10 but I should try it with DX10?

Yes try installing Directx10, because you card does not support Directx11.

10 is installed, I suspect Arma is being picky about it not being 11. I don't know whether to wait for a patch or look into upgrading my comp.

I gues so, I'm gonna take a look and see if you can start with Dx10.

Thanks man, I appreciate it.

I can't find any startup command forcing the use of Directx10. Can't change it in the .cfg file either.

Try looking into your card settings software to see if there's nothing blocking you.

I'm gonna check if people had a similar issue in other games.

Okay I'll do that, from what I've read Arma 3 I supposed to run using 10.

Yes 10 is minimum.

What version of Windows are you using btw.

Try downloading the file :
(Clik on "Download zip-file")

And place it the main folder of Arma 3 (Where the .exe is), then launch the game.

I doubt it will fix the issue but let's try.

It didn't work (But honestly I probably did something wrong) but now the error was switched to "The procedure entry point CreatDXGIFactory1 could not be located in the dynamic link library dxgi.dll."

now i'm lost. Well better wait for a fix by the devs.

Do you have installed Windows Vista SP2 and are you sure you meet all system requirements (scroll to bottom of this page

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Are you using mods and/or startup parameters?

Everything might not be reinstalling. Try deleting all of the .dlls and then reinstalling.

Download windows 7. Vista dont even try to fix it with vista. Vista tends to not find things or delete thim. I'd sugest (admins mods defs you can skeep this part) DOwnloading and installing a cracked vers of WIn7 i could get you links if you want to. They will auto update never tell you your software aint legit so yes.

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More info is needed, what graphics driver are you using?
Specifically, what graphics card are you using, a 4600 is just the 'family' of cards it belongs to.

Have you tried running DXSETUP.exe from your arma3/DirectX folder?

Don't download individual DLL files, what a terrible idea.

^ actually downloading individual DLL files is somthimes a better idea. If it cause errors you know what to fix. If you reinstall drivers enc and it messes up your system you have to use system recovery specially with vista.

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