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Dual Monitor Mouse Not Properly Captured
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The game does not properly capture my mouse i could for example press escape ingame and then go to my second screen on the left and click to go back to my desktop as if i used alt-tab to change views. The mouse also moves unseen while i play the game so everytime i would try to use the interface i would have to go to the right with it to get it on the screen i am playing on.


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Play the game with dual monitor and set the right screen to main.

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Same here can be annoying !!

Same here


Sometimes i got to my Desktop without even clicking at all.

I am unable to see the mouse at all... its like arma is loading as top and mouse it behind it becuase i can still move between screens but just can't see the mouse.using windowed fullscreen make it able to see mouse.

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Duplicate of #5076

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

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