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[Feature request] Dragging / carrying bodies or injured soldiers
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Reintroduce the drag/carrying of bodies/wounded units.

It was very immersive, encouraged teamwork & helped you move your teammates out of harms way while they were DBNO.


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Not that it has anything to do with the fact i'm still waiting for the Splinter Cell mod to be made.

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i upvoted, not sure if it would be usefull because of the many tks that happen

The advanced wounding system is a confirmed feature already and will be an upgraded version of arma2 module about it.
It's just not yet implemented !

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How do TKs and dragging bodies have anything to do with each other?

None the less kid, I still want my Splinter Cell mod & I still want to be able to drop a body out of a sky scraper to dispose of it.

Title edited for clarity.

splinter cell(after chaos theory) sucks. never reference it again if you want my vote. upvoted this time.

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If I wanted your vote i'd run for public office. Seeing as i'm not doing so and I enjoy being an asshole too much, i'd settle for you making me a sandwich and voting for the ticket cage.

There seem to be tickets popping up about dragging/carrying bodies (e.g. #7014) is it possible that some of this functionality has already been implemented?

EDIT: never mind. Looks like some people are reporting bugs from custom made content that is not part of the game.

It would really be nice to be able to drag dead enemies/friendlies out of the way, just for the realisms sake. Just imagine this scenario: A seal team of 4 guys at a night ops, they walk in with their silenced weapons, pop a few heads and while someone provides overwatch one or two guys drag away the dead guys out of the streets and into the shadows. Also I don't know if the enemy AI does this but do they react to already dead corpses, as in if a patrol comes and ses a bunch of enemy AI dead on the ground do they actually go in an alert mode?

They didn't in A2, doubt they do now.

^^ I guess you could to that in scripting with triggers

Hey Guys

Just so you know: It's going to be implemented! Not Sure about "Bodies".

Please open EDITOR and Hit ESC Key that will bring up Debug Console then Click on Animation. You'll now have Animation Viewer Open.

Please go through and watch the included Wounding System Animations and Carry Animations.

It just has to be implemented since Most Anims and Poses are already included in Alpha.

Lt Lyko

You could Nicolli to an extent, but triggers tend to cause lag the more of them you put in & it's easier if it's scripted into the engines code.

Lyko, those animations have been there since ArmA 2, possibly 1 or even OFP.

After thinking about what I just typed & then reading my ticket, not sure why I made the ticket currently other than the fact the Alpha lacked the features.

this of course should come as it was in arma2

Yeah would be a great feature to be able to carry a wounded team mate to a safe place for treatment.

Ltluis added a subscriber: Ltluis.May 7 2016, 12:21 PM

I think having an official module that allows Drag / Carry and put a body in a serious vehicle for extracting a valuable tool for creators of missions. Without the need for Scrips

I don't know why this feature is still not included in the game. There are dozens of similar requests, so it means that gamers REALLY want this feature. BTW, I think that entire infantry health system needs reconsideration. For me Arma 2 health system was good enough to be inserted into the game as it stands. Of course ACE HS would be even better, but let's not be so hasty.

Any New? I hope what in the 3 episodie implement it

Are they even considering putting it in the game yet? I missed the CPR and revive and drag/Carry from Arma 2 when you could not worry whether a couple shots to the leg would put you out for good. They can make stupid Go-Karts but not a popular requested revive/drag/carry module. It shouldn't be so hard to do it.

Where'd my drag/carry go?

This feature is absolutely needed for BIS REVIVE !!!