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No Shadows In Overcast Weather
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This may sound silly, but even in overcast weather objects should have shadows, albeit very diffuse and hard to notice. {F17875} {F17876} {F17877} {F17878} {F17879}


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  1. Load editor
  2. Set intel/weather to overcast
  3. Observe shadows
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Yes, yes, triple yes! Maybe they've deactivated SSAO / HBAO / etc... during overcast weather for whatever reason, but it's really ugly right now and the game really loses it's sex appeal and immersiveness.

Yeah it does look pretty off. Looks alright in really heavy overcast, but in light overcast, it's almost cartoony.

"...the game really loses it's sex appeal.."

Lol, man you sound like this one friend of mine...

Thank you! Was just going to post this myself. The overcast lighting looks really two dimensional, unrealistic and ugly, especially compared to A3's beauty in the sunlight. And, no, a lack of shadows isn't alright under overcast - objects still cast shadows even during the dullest, darkest days, it's just that most people don't notice as they are very soft, diffuse and low contrast. Improved overcast shadows, along with terrain casting shadows (another significant oversight at present), would also make the day-night transitions a jaw dropping experience. And, a final note, it would be quite the addition to see the volumetric clouds cast shadows on the terrain below. But, to be fair, I expect the BIS lighting guys are more than aware of these things seeing that A3 has revealed them to be industry leading talents. This is still an Alpha, so, hopefully, we'll be seeing improved shadows soon.

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It's still Alpha so lighting is hopefully not finished yet. Diffuse lighting is tricky, it should be really dark in a dense forest when overcast weather is present. Currently it is actually brighter with full cloud cover under a tree than during a sunny day.

Read somewhere yesterday that the engine programmers are still working on smoothing out and otherwise improving the shadows edges - there are tickets for those issues as well, see , for example - so the lighting is by no means finished. Once the shadow edges are improved, I imagine the team will move onto the next problem. So, honestly, I expect to see some kind of diffuse shadowing for cloudy and overcast conditions make it in before final. The eyes of those doing the A3 lighting are so good that they are certainly aware of the issue we're discussing here.

i hope u'r right :D

It's true. I love playing overcast because the clouds look so great! But everything besides the sky look boring and flat. I know the sun ain't shining but some subtle specular highlights would be nice as they bring out the details on the normal maps.

As for the shadows, that would help. I do understand they would have to find a crafty way to make softer shadows as they usually need much more power to process (more rays or whatever)

There are also no shadows at night (even in latest build). When walking in town past a street light or other light sources there should be shadows.

I can confirm this feature. GTX 660Ti OC + Highest Settings + Win7 64 Bit + Nvidia Driver 320.18. No shadows with missions including overcast.

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I noticed this lack of shadows when playing the Tank Show Case mission. It's the first thing I noticed, it looks very odd.

It would be great if we could get some kind of shading or darkening when over cast.

This issue is still present in 1.04 - no shadows with full overcast!

I reckon Bohemia are waiting for us to fix their game. Either that or they are all busy making the campaign missions which they forgot about. There are tons of major bugs which should have been fixed months ago but haven't even been looked at yet. Oh well like all ARMA games I suppose we have to wait a year for them to fix stuff.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. This is very important part of scene. Light and shadows are the basic for good look of scene.

We will work on it, but it is not simple. SSAO can't render good this ambient shadow, we must use other of technology.