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Grenade arc to enhance grenade throwing
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While the new grenade system that does not lock you into an animation is fantastic it could use some improvements.

Throwing grenades through small windows from close range is still problematic.

A grenade throwing arc would improve this tremendously. While an arc is unrealistic it is vital in a video game because of the lack of precision in a virtual environment that we posses in real life.


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While I agree that throwing grenades at close range through a window is problematic this is also a milsim so a visible arc might break the immersion too much and grenade throwing is a skill and therefore practise should be the way in which to become good and tools which don't include visible arcs should be made available.

Otherwise everyone will be an expert overnight.

You should see Dslyexci's grenade concept ( that really makes the throwing system a lot better.

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the only reason i agree with this is because in real life throwing objects comes more inately then it does in a computer game with a button and a screen

upvoting in hope dslyexci's concept is implemented

This has been improved lately, can we consider this fixed?