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Can't go from crouched to standing when moving
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When moving it is not possible to go from crouched to standing. You have to stop first.
Going from standing to crouched while moving works.


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It is possible, buy a better keyboard...

My keyboard is perfectly fine thanks. Otherwise it wouldn't work when going from standing to crouching.

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Keep your retarded comments to yourself.
Under certain circumstances this is not possible.

Which specific circumstances? not being smart, truly curious, I've never once been forced to stop before I could stand up. Is it only when you're using turbo to sprint or something? Even then I think I can still stand up?

I honestly dont know. It worked fine when i tried it in the editor, but not in the vehicle showcase.

Yeah it's kinda random, I had this happen with going prone too. It works fine in the editor but not while missions apparently.

25 hours and still didn't experience this.. can't reproduce it in anyway, not even after "playing" with stance modifications

Happened again, it happens after changing stance most of the time. From instance switching to low crouch then moving and pressing x won't work.

to reproduce:
0) put a player in the editor

  1. be sure to enable 3rd last stance (CTRL + S) and combat pace (C)
  2. press and hold W to move forward
  3. press X to crouch on the move
  4. you can't go back to standup pressing X again unless you stop

see also #1194 and #3029

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You used to be able to use the 'C' to stand up in ArmA 2, that is no longer possible.

Unable to reproduce in latest dev build. Considered resolved unless shown otherwise.

Mass close.