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Suggestion: Over G-Force Blackouts
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I've already tested that when you do some really insane maneuvers in helicopters in ArmA III Alpha you don't really get a negative effect like "Blackouts" or similar, the ACE2 Mod for ArmA II included that feature and a lot of people really liked it, one simply just can't experience more than 4G without any negative effects, so I would really appreciate G-Force effects in ArmA III.


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G-force affects would be applicable in a fixed-wing jet that is capable of maintaining the flight profile necessary to cause high-G maneuver blackouts. Helicopters aren't really capable of putting you through that. The turns required cause the helicopter to have a massive drop in airspeed, naturally limiting the force exerted on the body. Jets tend to see those affects at hundreds (plural) of miles an hour; helicopters cannot go that fast and cannot maintain it at all in a turn. For reference, a blackhawk's approved max speed (which takes a dive to accomplish) is only about 190 knots (and it's not slow by helicopter standards), and has no way to maintain the level of forward thrust necessary in a turn since the lift-producing surface is the thrust producing surface (main rotor blades do it all by varying pitch and tilt of the rotor disk) whereas a jet can keep forward thrust going at 100% in any maneuver.

I have personal experience in this area; you are not going to black or red out (negative G) in a helicopter even flying at the limits of the airframe. You'll simply crash due to mishandling the aircraft or inducing spatial disorientation in the pilots. While it may be a neat mechanic, it's simply not realistic.

agreed with dustoff25

Fully agreed, incredible shit, why still not inside game? :)

Repro steps: goto centrifuge on space training's and you fill how its needed in this game of "military simulations"... :)

Upvoted but not for choppers as Dustoff25 pointed out.

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It should be possible to have the effect in helicopters too, or even on foot or in a car.

Have the effect managed by tracking the units velocity.

Same. Up voted for fixed wing aircraft, but not helicopters.

Edit: Redouts would be nice too.

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and not at 4G. :P

upvoted for fixed wing.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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Upvoted if it isn't already implemented for fixed wing aircraft.

Absolutely not for helicopters, as the only way of inducing even the briefest g-force effects sufficient to affect the occupants, would be to crash at speed.

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