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AI Teammember freezes and doesn't react to commands
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While playing in the editor, AI teammember freezes randomly and doesn't react to any commands anymore. Loading a savegame or a restart of the mission is the only way to solve the problem.


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happens randomly. I think it happens when the AI is switching to the sidearm, but I can't prove it.

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I experienced this issue in ArmA2 too. Removing the pistol from the AI-Inventory helped to reduce the propability of AI-freezing back then.

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Is there a command to tell units to switch to their pistol out of curiosity?

Yup, well known and well documented bug going back for years.

Ed: As for a command to switch out of pistols - I'm not aware of one natively, although I'm sure it could be scripted. A trick, if they are playable units is to team swtich into them and manually change them back to primary or have them drop their pistol. But that's not really a reasonable workaround.

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AI also get stuck when using binoculars. An AI squad leader using binoculars will then get his entire squad stuck.

I've experienced this as well, although not necessarily when using weapons or items. Sometimes it seems to have to do with stance - I've had a medic in a crouched position not follow an order to heal someone (or himself) but after I order him to stand up he is able to follow the orders.

I noticed this too. I removed all my squads pistols and it definitely reduced the problem - forgot the binoculars and one of them mysteriously got stuck on another playthrough. Upvoting, naturally.

In the 'old outpost' big barracks looking building units get stuck and some dont respond to commands at all, and others arent capable of leaving the positions. If you order individual troops to take positions all around the building, and then order to return to formation or 'move to' command, some will be able to leave the building, other will remain in the positions they are stationed, others will circle around, or walk through walls, or get stuck in odd areas. Its a deathtrap for AI squads.

Still an issue?

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Could you, please, confirm if this is still happening or was fixed together with the animation fixes?

(AI getting stuck in buildings is a different issue)

I observed such a behaviour when ordering an AI squad to board a chopper. Half of them were stuck in their animation and refused to move at all.

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I have experienced this recently playing Win: the AI got stuck in the middle of an empty field after a firefight with enemy, but for me loading saved mission would not help. The only way I got the stuck unit to respond again was to shoot the unit in the arm and have a medic heal 'him'. Then the AI snapped out of it's trance and got back into formation.

This could be related to campaign scripting.

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Doubt it, happened earlier in a mission I was making as well, after quite a heavy firefight. I ordered my team to return to formation and my 2nd in command would say "Roger" but none of the AIs returned to formation, instead they stood still (they were 100+ meters away) so I ran up to them to discover my second in command laying on the ground aiming uphill where the last enemy contact had been refusing to anything. Had to shoot him in the face, didn't think of the medic idea then..

The annoying thing is that there's no steps to reproduce this, it just happens sometimes..

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.