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Vehicle mirrors use static cube maps (non PiP) when viewed from outside
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When a player is in ext of a vehicle, if the player look the mirror of the vehicle, he can see always the same picture, a fake picture and not a true look of the environment.

My file is just an example in real life and we can see the same problem in the game, i see an only picture all the time on any vehicle in the real life.

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Might be because of performance savings reasons.

The mirrors in Arma works as PIP (Picture in picture) it seems as it's a view from static point on the vehicle projected on a surface as a texture and not a relfection of the world (the same goes for displays in vehicles for example), and it is "calibrated" for the driver, so your point of view will not change the point of view projected on the mirror - i.e. the mirror will display the same view for driver and any passenger in the car or even when viewing from outside - but correct me if I'm wrong.


Exactly that : )

And if you drive the vehicule, in this no problem. (In all vehicule, PIP Works) You stop drive and eject and you have always the same PIP in the Ext Mirror than the beggining, but you have moving with the vehicule on the map

I think that this subject is already open with the other player.

EDIT : Picture of the problem :

Couldn't figure out the problem you described, but that screenshot clarified it for me. Upvote.

As BlackLord mentioned it in the beginning doing it the "right" way (reflecting the actual world in contrast to displaying constant point-of-view image) would be performance consuming, so the devs had to make some compromise.

It's not a big problem and not the priority in the game, but with the news vehicules and particulary the trucks with big mirrors, i think that the player don't want this bad mirror with this incredible graphic engine :)

That's all for me.

That is only a minor thing I wouldn't even call an issue. Think if you could see the reflection of every side mirror when you are outside of a vehicle. It might cause a bit of fps drop + it would be useless.

PS. that real life photo of a reflection was seriously unnecessary =D

Pip in external views? Please realize that enabling pip in one vehicle currently can cut fps in half. What if there 2 vehicles in view? 10? And dont tell me about magic "optimization".

There is no PIP when you are outside of vehicle (tested on AH-9).

We don't necessary have absolutely the best quality in PIP. It's just indicator to show ennemy or road or back, that's all.

If you have a repair specialist , when you repair your car or the future truck, maybe player want to see the ennemy in the mirror's :)

Clarified title, fixed typos.

I noticed this as well. No RTT mirrors when outside, or in 3rd person.

Please not that if you had PiP at vehicles when not inside it; the game would need to render (at least) 2 different images per vehicle at the map!!!

So when you walk by a car park with 10 cars, your computer needs to render (10 * 2) + 1 different views. And based on the current impact that some people get due PiP, it would crash most computers unless they're build by NASA...

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug. Its designed that way.