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Z-Fighting in Rubble
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There is extreme Z-fighting in the rubble of many buildings. Only happens when a building is destroyed. It appears there are multiple meshes co-existing when a building is destroyed. If this is intended then the z-buffers are not set properly.

See photo. {F17740} {F17741}


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It appears much more aggressive in real-time and it's hard to capture in screenshots.

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i can confirm this

Confirmed, also Z-fighting of textures when multiple explosions in the same place.
Ie put loads of cars on top of each other in the editor, launch and then walk around the "bombsite".
Kudos to Bohemia on the photogenic explosion though!

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Confirmed, same for destroyed vehicles. AFAIK this bug exists since OFP. Shame on you :D

I noticed it in ArmA 1, but that was it.

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yes, agree. Not the worst bug, but when it can be improved, why not?

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I'll post this note for MadDogX:
You closed 0004914, saying it is a duplicate. Here are two different problems described! I've made a video of the bug in 0004914 and will open a new post in three days. Maybe it would be possible to reopen instead 0004914.

this also occurs with mortar strikes. I blew up my team on the runway with 4 strikes and the resulting decals kept z-fighting.

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Happens to me also !

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maybe helps, posting video of it (sometimes it's even worse):

this problem is like #1 in my priority list. most of all - I enjoy playing Arma as a sniper, slowly reckoning what's around me, waiting for my target. it's irritating when whole screen flickers (not to mention enemy soldiers walking through air, shielded by invisible terrain).

lurked around to dig some info and this looks promising:
(found on arma2 feedback tracker)