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Bipod not an attachment
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It will be nice have ability to attach and remove bipods to various weapons.


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that depends, how removable are bipods on most weapons, like, can you remove them the way you can the scope, and, what should be put on if you take the bipod off?(only reason to take it off would be to put on on.} part of this is because unlike many scopes and side attachments, underslung stuff is apparently very hard to remove or doesn't always fit.

Issues #3597, #2825 and #3599 could all be consolidated into one "under barrel attachment" slot, with grenade launchers, foregrips and bipods as options

Probably no bad idea but it would be far more important that they work.
(As i say in my reported issue 0006221 )

Bipods are easily removable on most small arms, though lmgs like the M249 have permanently attached bipods. Grenade launchers have traditionally required tools to remove, but I believe newer models are removable without any special effort.

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