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Dangerous stance change when reloading
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If in low-crouch you reload, the character goes to normal crouch while reloading. This is dangerous for your character, as you usually are behind cover befitting your stance.


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Low crouch, low standing - reload

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I see no reason why it shouldn't be possible to do this in any stance.

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A Blushing Crow - In my humble view this is a *major* issue - it substantially compromises the huge efforts that have gone into adding the finer level of control players now have over their stances - stances that I'm sure players will no doubt use pretty often in Infantry combat.

No one will appreciate being in a low crouch in a fire-fight, only to have their head blown-off due to "popping up" when needing to re-load - surely that's a fast track to really annoying buyers of a very hardcore mil-sim!

My suggestions (as a non weapon expert) would be

  1. allow/animate reloading in the position the player is in. OR
  2. force player's character to go down (prone?) and *not up* to animate re-load.

(No idea if there should/would/could be different "stay at low stance" vs "go prone" animations depending on every different weapon that might need to be reloaded from a low-crouch position. If different weapons would require different "low-reload" stances in 'real life' then that might be nice to work on later, but - IMHO - would not be a priority now. But, I certainly think that ensuring player's stay below/behind cover when reloading is certainly a priority.

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Ditto. This is a major issue.

Even in prone behind an object, I usually end-up accidentally going to a standing position at times. (Not the best thing to do when in a group, or being fired upon!)

Sometimes I can't tell if I'm really crouching or standing normally.

I think most games provide an icon in the lower corners of the screen for depicting player stance. As far as the inadvertent change in stance, this is a bug -- but to an extent, it is more difficult *sometimes* to change weapons while in different stances.

This automatic stance changing has gotten me killed many times, in fact I shouldn't even be on here, because I'm dead. But since it's a game, I have a second chance to complain about it.

How about when providing medical care from the rear of somebody who is prone sniping, after completing medical care you end up standing in front he the guy sniping?

(Eh, this kind of thing usually only happens to me after a few beers. Think next time I med somebody, I'll switch to 3rd person view to watch.)

Agreed, upvoted!

Agreed and upvoted !
Got my head sniped more than once due to this..

Should be noted, there seems to have been some vast improvements since my last comment here.

The person rendering medical aide is no longer as extremely exposed, or taking as much fire?

vote up and bump

Reloading or doing anything with changing weapons is really getting annoying.

Personally, when running around as pilot I enjoy using a handgun or no handgun. (I believe you can run faster without anything in hand.)

However reloading or changing weapons gets dangerous when confronted by enemy, and users cannot cancel or prevent the action if accidentally initiated! Not only this, but changing weapons also exposes you to the enemy as well.

I've also found using a handgun or no handgun, would also get extremely glitchy as a pilot.

But if your a ground troop always using a rifle or RPG, you'll likely not see those glitches.


You should also stay in whatever stance when you're moving, albeit at an extremely slow rate... just so that your head doesn't pop up when you're trying to manouver behind a rock so you can shoot out one side of the other by using QE

What I do is to look down as far as I can when in low crouch or even prone before I press reload to ensure I do not stick my head out.

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Easy fix: automatically go to closest lower stance with reload animation
Good fix: add reload animations to all stances

@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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Thanks for confirmation.

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