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When returningfrom map view need to raise weapon
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Every time I go check map and return from there I need to 2*ctrl to 'raise weapon' because weapon is not visible (lowered).


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Press 'M' to check map, return from there.

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so anoying in spontanous CQB. ive you are prone or crouched it wont happen, only standing

why would someone downvote this?

i wont downvote..but i honeslty find it realistic to drop your weapon as u "pull out your map"..i just wont vote either way.peace

It is realistic that you put your gun down but in the other stances it comes up automatically. So either it should come up while standing or not automatically come up in the other stances.

Technically, this is a long standing feature in ARMA rather than a bug. Doesn't bother me too much, but that's probably because I've grown used to it over the years. Nevertheles, it's only logical that if the player's avatar is clever enough to lower his weapon automatically when viewing the map then he should also raise it automatically when exiting the view. Upvoting.

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Duplicate of #3893

Closing this one in favor of #3893.