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Allow us to choose what Post Process effects we want to enable / disable individually
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Instead of having preset options like "Very Low", "Low", "Normal", "High" and "Very High", let us choose what PP we want.

Simply add a "Custom" option that lets us choose the effects' individual levels from "Very Low" to "Very High", where applicable.

By adding this higher level of customization we not only will be able to enable/disable effects based on performance but also those effects that we like / dislike.


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Agreed, so very agreed. This would remove the need to have okt_NoBlur, and it would be so much nicerrrrr.

Upvoted, i dont want the motion blur because it lags my game but i want the others, sadly i cant have the other effects without motion blur

Motion blur should not be in games. I would be happy if post processing was like it is now, but with an added checkbox or slider right under where you can turn off/down Motion Blur and possibly more checkboxes for other effects if nessecary.

Inacio added a subscriber: Inacio.May 7 2016, 11:58 AM basically what I'm asking for in the first place.

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Very good suggestion. I will never play with blur in video games, ever, but bloom and other effects I enable on a case-by-case basis. Cannot do this in ArmA3.

A custom option on the drop down that lets us choose the overall quality (ie: Very High (Custom)), and brings up checkboxes for which effects to enable (the Custom part) would be very nice.

Also motion blur is really really bad when using a TrackIR. Your head is almost always moving, so unless you have a huge deadzone, the game is nothing but blur.

Even though I don't have any problems with motion blur etc. I'll still support this for the people who do.

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The default motion blur is way too high and unrealistic.

Upvoting the proper issue.

Sounds useful me many people, upvoted.

God I hate the motion blur. It makes me nauseous and makes the game look like it's stuttering even though it has 40-50 fps.

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upvoted :)

Motion blur is so artificial in video games, in ArmA of the past it is down right nauseating and obnoxious. It not only is bad at simulating how motion blur is interpreted by an actual human eye.... it eats up system resources to produce the poorly generated effect.

But turning Post Process settings down to remove the unwanted effects, like Motion Blur, also means removing the more favorable ambient effects like film grain on mechanical optical devices and such.

Duplicate of #0001682.