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You cant take the enemys clothes
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Why is it that the game trailers of old times say that you can disguise as the enemy and take their clothes to sabotage a base from the inside out, but ingame you cant even do that. you cant even take the clothes of civilians.


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kill a civilian or an enemy and try to take their clothes

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Make it so i can take the clothes of enemys and civilians

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The ingame Field Manual states on the clothes section that due to Geneva conventions, you cannot wear enemy combatant uniforms. Perhaps there will be change to that mechanic in the future to allow those situations that you described.

I find it odd that on most custom game mode servers you cannot switch to BLUFOR clothes either for some reason. There are boxes full of that uniform items that cannot be used.

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Yep, no bug due to the geneva conventions.

Would love some stealth games with OPFOR and BLUFOR disguising as civilians. Being able to wear civilian clothes would be really awesome for Player vs Player scenarios. Total chaos.

So soldiers cant wear civil clothes due to geneva convention?? LOL! Nice logic guys :)

It's the bug seems like they can't wear any clothing in civilian faction.

Wearing an enemy uniform is prohibited by the Hague convention
"To make improper use of a flag of truce, of the national flag or of the military insignia and uniform of the enemy, as well as the distinctive badges of the Geneva Convention;"

While Geneva prevents appearing as a civilian with the intention of killing, injuring or capturing enemy combatants. I suppose it allows for walking around their areas of influence, but I believe that constitutes espionage, as it's a disguise used to trick enemies into believing you are a non combatant.

That said, I think it's just a bug. I can use enemy clothing sometimes, and sometimes I can't even use uniforms for my own faction.

I believe Bohemia Interactive's already talked about this, stating that they were unable to implement this due mostly to AI problems, and Geneva Convention as an excuse. Or maybe they just said that and it's the other way around.

Geneva convention telling me what to do when i go into battle, while they sleep on big bellies and i sweat bloood. HELL NO!!! AINT NO ONE GOT TIME FO DAT.

Duplicate of #0001588.