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weapon's recoil
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when player shoot, weapon have recoil, OK. But your aiming "stay up there", so when you are shooting, u need long table (for mouse), because after every one shot, you need look downer beacause your weapon after every shot "go up", but it is not going back.


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make the weapon after the shot and the "recoil effect" has returned to its original place where a player was aiming.

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i know, it is real, but for real weapon you have hands, here u have just mouse and keyboard, and control weapon is harder, than in real.

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FFS this issue has been duplicated so many times! Please use search feature.

Why not even make it an option in the difficulty settings?
Which would allow you to choose, between the already existing and the suggested way, of how recoil simulation shall be.
An "Simulating Recoil" option, so to say.

I guess, everyone would like to be able to choose :)
But this way, the Devs would have to consider wether or not to allow this option client sided. Or...
make this an other option for server hosts too.

If that's even possible, then i'm pretty sure, everyone would love to see this options implemented.

This again? Really?

I think it would be better if the recoil caused the gun to move up because then you have to line up you shoot after the previous one like in real life

but if it were ever implemented into the game then i hope there is a difficulty setting like Von said.

I honestly love the way the recoil system is now, but he does have a point on the needing a long table argument.

Would be nice if your weapon returned to an area around its original position on the Y plane if anything.

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First of all, use the search feature before posting.

Second, learn to spell it helps to bring your point across.

Third, no recoil ain't too strong stop spamming the feedback with those tickets.

Have you ever fired a rifle in real life? Down voted, this is not an issue.

RE beardedcap: yes, but what about NPC? they haven't any recoil.

and in real you have better sense for it

(i don't remember what about ArmA 2, but in OFP:CW [ArmA:CWA] and ArmA 1 were good recoil)

and i am talking about SEMI

See #0000599.