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Voice commands for the AI
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Add voice commands to the game so you can command your AI without having to press f1-f12 then the numbers 1-0 to give orders. This would speed up how people interact with the AI. Maybe make it like a push to talk button for commanding your squad.


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This would be great for new players but not urgent, I reckon. Over the years I've gotten used to the command menu but with voice command software in smartphones getting better maybe this is an idea who's time has come.

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could be done for sure, but i guess it would require a lot of time and effort

some game called "end war" or something did this, however poorly designed, where in arma you could just speak out loud some keywords to get through the menu

however voice recognition software is always vague and you never can 100% ensure every single person is speaking so that the engine finds out what the speaker wants, additional some accents will make that even harder (trying to speak to a english voice recognition software when your mothertounge is german... good luck)

would be a really nice feature for people playing scenarios alone, though and would add a completely new level of immersion

There's software called "Game Commander". Maybe you'll find it usefull.

There is a software called GlovePIE and an ArmA II button list (which is the same as ArmA III) which is very good. You can say many different sentences that can do 1 command.

For example:

You Say:

All Hold Fire
Everyone Stop Shooting!
2 Cease Fire
Team Cease Fire.

Basically when you say "All" or "Everyone" or "Team" it will press the button associated with selecting your entire group (the Tilde ` key). Same if you say "2" or "2, 5, 9" it will select the appropriate F keys to select the individual units.

When you say "Stop Shooting" or "Hold Fire" or "Cease Fire" it will press the appropriate key for that Hold Fire command which is 3 and 2.

When you say a sentence like the ones above it press the required buttons in a sequence just as you would on a keyboard, except this time you still have control of the battlefield without command your team via keyboard.

You can change everything to however you want.

This is all well and great, however I would love it too if ArmA natively supports Voice Activated Commands. So voting this up, meanwhile I'll be using GlovePIE.

(ArmA II Script:

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The first SOCOM: US Navy Seals game for the PS2 had it and voice recognition software was prity crap back then so if that could be done with arma today that would be epic for single player or multiplayer even once the AI gets smarter

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They could make it accent friendly if you could calibrate the voice recognizion yourself and it would compare you voice to your own, could be nice, but lots of ideas so little time :D

Also they could implement little commands(because space wouldn't be a problem if you'd use your voice, like an endless keybord), i mean little commands like, everyone turn on flashlights or 2, take of sound suppressor which are commands that aren't there yet but could easily be implemented once the system would be up.

Lets say you could make custom commands too.

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voice recognition can work if you record your voice for each action

[1 - 20+] - [move/watch/get down/dont fire/etc] - [10-100 meters] - [north/east/west/...]

like setting keyboard controls

You are given a set of examples of how a certain command can be said. From there it would be simple to guess how to say everything else.

For example Take Cover can also be said as Hide!, Cover yourselves!, Conceal!

But then you know Fire at Will.
Obviously it does not take a genius to know that you can also say Open Fire!, Kill All!

By saying these commands the game learns you voice, and if it makes a mistake you can correct it or proceed to say the command in a different way.

I dont feel that you need to record your voice for each and every action, but the possibility is there should you need to for certain actions where the commputer thinks you are speaking gibberish and does not understand you.

(Like me with my hearing impairment, I have difficulty pronouncing S's, so saying Stop may sound like Drop to the computer, hence i have to train it so that when I say Stop that sounds like Drop, it knows I am saying Stop not Drop, dont worry I can speak the other words clearly :P)

+1 I like the idea, but maybe too hard yet for BIS. Maybe possible in a future DLC!?

Would be a great feature in Arma 3. Perhaps they could use the speech recognition already imbedded in Windows so they wouldn't need to make any custom speech recognition.

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