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[Feature request] Night Vision Sensitivity Controls
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There needs to be an ability to control the light sensitivity settings on NV Goggles. I've gone through the controls of the game, and so far, there is nothing that I am able to find which can alter how much ambient light the NV Goggles bring in. This is an important feature of the goggles as it allows the soldiers to adjust the visibility based up the environment. At times where there is an abundance of light, full moon, vehicle fires, ect, there is a requirement for the soldier to be able to decrease the overall brightness that the NV Goggles display. This feature if not already present, needs to be made a standard part of the game. {F17460}


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Screenshot attached showing a vehicle on fire while looking through NV Goggles and how it white outs a large surrounding area naturally.

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Sorry to tell you bro, but I own 2 pairs of military nightvision goggles, and theres no brightness feature to them. They have focus, on, off, and an IR LED Flashlight for FoF Targeting.

The only other way to limit the amount of light coming in is to attach a cap on the front with a pinhole in the center, and I'm pretty sure no one has the time to play an animation just because a car blew up. =\

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Well I'm not sure what you have, I'd be interested in knowing that so I could look them up. But most generation 4 night vision optics do have an automatic brightness control built into them for on the run operations. Now I have a buddy in the Marine Corps that was complaining to me that most of the NVGs they have are crap because half the time the buttons to control the sensitivity of them don't work. I'll have to ask him specifically which model he is talking about to get more information too.

Now the cap with the pinhole, I know what you're talking about there sure, I've seen them on some rifle mounted scopes even.

But my point is, that when the environment changes, when there is MUCH more ambient light due to fires and such, under the current settings, NVG could become quite useless.

Maybe I'm used to ACE2 on Arma2OA where I can adjust the sensitivity of the settings on the fly myself. It could be that it simply isn't a real world feature, which is fair enough, but I'm going to look into it because I'd like to know for sure if there is a way to adjust a sensitivity setting on some models of NVG in the real world. Again, my buddy who is out in Camp Pendleton led me to believe that there is a way to control the sensitivity or brightness on those things, other than a cap, like you're suggesting.

I have a PVS-7 and PVS-14, still in use by today's Army. :)

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Dang, you replied quick! Thanks for the info!

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AH! I see, looking up the PVS-7 you have there buddy, looks like it has ABC on it as well (Automatic Brightness Control). Ref

"Battle-proven technology includes Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) which automatically adjusts the brightness of the image tube to achieve the highest quality image resolution under varying light conditions as well as a built-in infra-red illuminator which allows the user to operate under zero light conditions."

And dang those things are NOT cheap are they! I'm still surprised the military hasn't gone up to generation 4 yet. with Filmless and Gated technology, better resolution, less halo, but I guess it's not in the budget or something. Still though, the wars we fight anymore, our enemies don't even have NVGs of their own so we're already ahead of them!

It sounds like you've served in the Army, if that's the case, thank you for your service!

My dad used to serve. :)

And yeah they really aren't cheap at all. Also, the ABC you're talking about really isn't that effective. If you were to look into a light or something you'd have a halo that would obstruct at least 70% of your view.

Also yeah, the military can't afford new NVGs because we're too busy making tanks and jets we can't use.. Lol.

Oh another thing that's really crappy about the 14s (dual eye device) Is that even though you can set the focus for each eye independently, you still have a sort of.. zeroing perse. If you set your focus to be at like 10 meters and you try to look out to about 50-60 meters, its' going to be blurry. So you're constantly adjusting your focus.. That's half the reason they started issuing the newer 7s. Those are monocular and you adjust to a good zero, maybe 100 meters, maybe less depending on what you're doing (Infantry, Driving, Piloting) and then your other eye becomes your peripheral eye etc. It's pretty nice to be able to see in the dark man, lemme tell ya. :D

It's 2035, now they have light adjustable Night Vision Goggles. :-) In ArmA 2, they are adjustable. But if the Dev's decide that not adjusting them is more realistic, then I'm all for it.

ArmA Soldier do not use this kind of night vision (PVS-7). At ArmA 3 they use a modern version (the game is modern). I think, it can have a contrast control like a old ACE2 MOD.

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old ACE2 MOD ? lol

ACE 2 Mod will still outperform vanila arma 3 in term of realism.

This is a feature request, not a major bug. Updated accordingly. ;)

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Only because they are building directly on top of what BIS does.

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The NVGs I used in the military had this feature. It was a little nob that you could easily turn with your thumb. I constantly used it. I'd imagine in 2030 the nob would be more commonplace.

The nob is called Gain Control. Search for it in this manual:

Gain Control!

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was absolutely invaluble in ACE Mod totally needs to be added and maybe another menu besides the Enter menu for more specific interaction functions such as the NV sensivity and healing people and dragging people ext ext like in the ace mod. it helps from doing things like accidently switching your weapon when your trying to heal someone

I agree the ACE type NVG sensitivity adjustment would be a good addition. This would allow you to make adjustments as the sun comes up. At the moment all you get is a 'white out' the brighter the daylight becomes.

I want this too. Similar to whats in ACE2.

That said, the nigh vision I had in the military didnt have a brightness level. Only focus, but what it did have was a IR booster (IR flash light source). It made the view brighter, but also made enemies using night vision see it as other people walking around with "flashlights" because they too could see the IR beam.

If I can get that instead in A3, yes please, but I will settle for any system to make the gameplay a little more fluid at night.

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This is actually very important now that we have a more realistic lighting system.

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While most night vision currently is not adjustable, we're talking about the year 2035 why not add it? At the very least, modern night vision adjusts to the brightness level so they don't white out, thus blinding you, and possibly breaking the night vision, if there are sudden influxes of bright light.

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Arma 3 needs this option heavily!

Its already included in AGM mod.

Steps to get it:
-Find AGM mod (Authentic Gameplay Modification) it has many cool features, it even has FCS for vehicles.
-It will probably require CBA, but i am not sure.
-Configure keys (use AGM menu to do it, just press ESC during gameplay and open AGM configuration menu).
-Have fun with working adjustment.

And i guess that IRL modern NVG with automatic brightness control will have optional manual adjustment too.