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Overcast weather does not affect underwater lighting.
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When swimming underwater with overcast/storm/waves all the way up, during daytime hours the underwater swimming is like swimming on a nice summer day without overcast. {F17450} {F17451} {F17452}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. In editor, set time of day to noon and weather to very bad (maximum overcast).
  2. Set a player unit on land but close to the coast. Click preview.
  3. In game, note that the lighting is dark and grey due to heavy clouds.
  4. Move underwater and look up at the surface. The water looks blue and clear, as if on a sunny day.

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Updated title and added repro steps.

would be an awesome thing to fix! rainy underwater mission :D awesome!

Yes that would be awesome and i think possible because it seems like this has only something to do with lightning strenght under water.

Lighting conditions at depth is also unrealistic. This is at 152m

A bit bright, no?

sapiensl, imagine rain drops on surface of water.

This issue has been fixed in the latest dev build.

Mass close.