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Inventory needs a REAL "All" option, "Take stack" option
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The inv. needs a real "All" option that includes EVERYTHING - right now, all only shows specific parts (Shirt, Vest, Backpack, etc), but not everything.

Also, it takes a while to take many items of the same type, since you pick every item up individually, and not "All of XXX at once".

So trying to find all magazines and picking them from e.g. a dead body always requires:


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  1. Find the Vest part of the unit
  2. Click on said "Vest", opening it
  3. Then Click your hand to numbness for each damn magazine individually
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A nice feature would be the "REALLY ALL ITEMS-Filter" and a "Hold Shift to take stack" keybind, to pickup all items of clicked type. But as it is, still better than the slow-*ss system from Arma 2, where you had to doubleclick your fingers to death or click the "Take" button to extermination.

As I said the system itself, is already a huge improvement, but on that "All"-part, its a step back.

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This sounds like a two parter. The first part about viewing all of your inventory at once sounds like this issue I created

The second part (pulling stacks) would be a great fix on it's own. I really like the shift click. I would take that idea further and add a ctrl click to open a box where you could choose how many of an item you want (imagine restocking at a loaded ammobox, you don't want to pull the full stack of 100 mags). I would keep the full stack and pull # commands separate so that you aren't slowed down choosing "all" when looting corpses.

Yeah, I was thinking that you takje the whole stack, but it only adds everything you can hold, and the rest remains in the crate.

I'd like as little key-presses as possible, since I'm a ammo-grunt, I always stack up ammo to the max, but its also a good idea with CRTL, since i dont see an current keybinding that uses CTRL in the inventory, atm.

And yeah its actually 2 functions, but what the hell, they are both relying on each other, somehow.

I don't think you need to be able to open a backback to see into it, you can open them if you need to(unless you actually can't) but take all, I like.

I'm on the fence on this. While it would be convenient to take a stack or take all, there has to be a tactical penalty for picking over inventories. Insta pickup gives the player who has expended their ammo the advantage over the player who has been more economic and could take the kill while you're picking through items.

On balance, if this were to be implemented, then it should be difficulty based. A non vote from me unless it's more refined.

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i dont think "take all stack" would be useful, this is no RPG, here you got a bunch of limits, like the things you use to carry things and obviously the space, i think this sistem works well on RPG, but in THIS game, it wouldn't work

To make it more clear.

Not TAKE EVERYTHING, but click on a Magazine Type or Grenade type that has like 5 of them, hold SHIFT+Left click takes all of them.

Rather than clicking 20 times to take all the magazines on the same stack, take them quickly.

And about people picking ammo slowly and decisive - I'm constantly being whacked on Wasteland because of douchebags shooting me while I try to pick up 6 magazines, 4 grenades and 2 healthpacks from a dead body - so much for that.

And the more "economic" player - sure, but he could do the same thing - find a dead body, and quickly loot the needed ammo.

If in real life, I see a bunch of things, I dont have to grab them one by one, taking 5 minutes, NO, I grab the whole stash and be off with it!

Their problem if somebody cant kill his enemy and the enemy is able to rearm while being shot at, their problem. It actually levels it out again - while you are being torn to shreds, you may be able to turn the table thanks to quickly grabbing a mag or two.

Just give us A2 inf with the features of A3.

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Raoul, that's not possible, but if you want to, pick up AiA mod

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I would not want to see any "Take All" button unless it then forces player to spend a lot of time there waiting that character picks one by one each object.

As that is the reality, when you are in horry (placing mines for ambush while enemy is rolling toward you any time, trying to get a clip from fallen friendly under fire etc) you need to think what you take and how many based your situation.

the picture was too large so I uploaded it out of the tracker
this is my idea of how this could be resolved:

I really enjoy to get myself killed when i'm looting a body...
If an option like that one had to be added, I'm not against but we had to be able to disable it in the difficulty menu!!!

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If you get killed looting a body, you shouldn't be looting a body.

Now that I think about it some more, it makes sense to have to do the action one by one since realistically you don't get all magazines at once from all the pouches, so it kind of gives an accurate time and effort for it.

thus I change my vote.