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Remove weapon switch and reload from the scrolling action menu.
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Actions such as reloading your gun or switching to your sidearm in the action menu are unnecessary and sometimes get in the way of more important ones, such as mounting a vehicle or a ladder or opening a door.

Reload already has it's very own button which I'm sure most use far more often than the action menu.

Even weapon switching between main gun and sidearm can be done with it's own key. I suggest either using ctrl+numbers ala ACE to select different weapons and the grenade launcher or simply ctrl+mouse 1 to switch between the sidearm and rifle.

Even the choice of specific type of magazine or grenade for the weapon could be put into it's own quickly accessible menu, for example via holding down the reload button.


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You address this at the end of your description, but reload only appears in the menu if you have an alternate magazine type the gun could take. I do think these things can clutter the menu a bit, but the only time it gave me a ton of trouble was when I was carrying an M32 and about 5 grenade types.

An interface upgrade would be nice, but I have no idea how much work it would be at this point.

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Shift + R to switch if you have just two or maybe open a small interface would be an interesting idea, or something along those lines.

As far as I know, the whole action menu is getting redone during the development. Its not going to stay as it is now at all.

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That's the idea

The fact that they are working on it doesn't mean you can't give feedback about it. I have keybinds for pistol switching (;) and launcher switching (lCtrl+;) and would like to have the ability (Alternate options like that are always good if you ask me) (Not force people to remove it) to turn those options of from the scroll menu.

nope, first we need 1-0 and F1-F12 costumizable, cause i have all my buttons full, i even turned the weapon switch off. so maybe as a option but not standart -1

Perhaps a radial menu for swapping weapons, ammo etc separate from the actionetc menu, personally, i think weapon related actions, and environment related interaction are two different things and should not be on the same scroll menu.

Assigning an optional key for weapon menu when you want to access weapon related functions would be useful, it should be much simpler then the inventory though, but also some of us use hotkeys, just as quick.

I vote up for this having suffered being kicked of a server for placing a satchel charge in the base when i actually just wanted to enter the chopper.

i'd consider removing the "Reload .." from the action menu, if you have different types of ammo and want to load another type, you should have to do this using the inventory system.

For normal reloading R is fine

There is also an issue about a new way accessing the GL

or like in the ACE mod self and enviromental interaction menus. ive you start scrolling upwards self. and ive yo start scrolling down envi. but after accesing the menu you can scroll upwards and down without switching

A radial menu is not a solution to weapon/ammo swapping that's yet another gimp to an age old problem which has been solved for years.

We're not in 1999. This is 2013, i'd rather be able to select my weapons with my # keys if I so please. Or change ammo types by holding Shift + R.

However now think I think of it they could do both.

Shift + R to change ammo with the ability to configure individual weapon types such as Primary, Secondary, Pistol, Backpack, etc. to keys if we so please

Holding down R could bring up a menu similar to what the Rainbow Six games have been doing for a while which allows you to change your weapons that way.

Though i'd prefer just hitting a button to change weapons.

Same could be done for a use key if need be which would open a lot of possibilities for scripters. If they could map actions/such to sub context menus via a radial menu.

The self/interaction menus are just work arounds for an age old problem. One which at times really makes me wish BIS would create a new engine from the ground up for the future that works with modern day tech/common place things which have proven their worth in gaming.

I don't know, i found radial menus to be much easier and quicker to navigate than a long press menu or scroll menu. Radial menus are kinda gesture based, press key for radial menu and swipe mouse in direction to swap weapons, ammo, attachments etc.

Shortcut key binding is much faster, but with ARMA having so many keys already, adding more isn't exactly better, unless you really good with navigating the keyboard without looking.

Shift +R does sound like a better option to swap ammo, and perhaps shift + scroll might be great for switching weapons. I guess preference is what it comes down to.
But which ever way BIS goes, it be great if they just try at least

After you use a keyboard for a while you don't even look down.

Shift + #s would even be a better way then having things the way they are currently. I'd rather not have to juggle a radial menu to go through my weapons. I just want to hit a button combo that's set by default or I set up myself & pull out my weapons, including explosives.

To each their own, right.

Point is BIS should make a plan to fix it, I think that we can agree upon.

The reason I brought up juggling a radial menu is at times in RBS6 it became a real pain to do that & it's also a pain if you have multiple weapons in your pack or something. Would just be a lot easier to assign a number & cleaner.

Less UI I have to deal with the better.

Well i like options, some will prefer a UI, and some hot keys... Could always have both.

The whole point of ArmA is to not have UI.

I don't think that is the whole point, besides i bet many people will get lost without any indicators such as UI. it is just impossible to make a fully realistic simulation without aids such as UI, because as a player, you are severely limited in the game, and many other things can't be simulated, for example in reality our FOV is pretty much 180 degrees, In the game it's not, in reality when you focus on something, you don't zoom, in reality you have a better sense of feeling and sensing your environment from your first person perspective, but in the game that's what the third person perspective is for. All these are aids that are work arounds because these just can't be comprehended in game. And the little UI you do get in the game, is the same really.

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Scroll wheel is for switching stances (if it were up to me).

UI just gets between my gun & my bullets. When thing's get in between, they cause problems. Guns are designed to solve problems.

I have already set switch Weapon to left win

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

This ticket is 2+ years old now and nothing has changed.

Please, remove the weapons from the action menu. There are action keys and key combos to switch weapons. Having it in the action menu only has the frustrating side effect of accidently hitting the switch weapon action while you only wanted to open a door or something.

@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

Astaroth closed this task as Resolved.Sep 3 2019, 2:45 PM

Thanks for confirmation.

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