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Separate mouse sensitivity options (in sights, zoomed in, scope etc)
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Since precision long range shots often need to be taken in addition to fast reactions in close fights. I think this would be a great feature to add. Allow us to set separate levels of sensitivity for hip, sights, sight zoom in, and scopes.


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Also, separate mouse sensitivity setting for freelook AND separate mouse sensitivity for deadzone (gun movement sensitivity within the deazone). Must have!

^ Also good ideas.

well from what i have noticed in the controls, if you press turbo (left shift), should slow your elevation, however it doesn't seem to, however i think if implimented well, and not only for elevation but be able to change scroll speed by the press of a button (also make it togglable) like shift or alt to speed up/ slow down scroll speed it would help much for sniping (slow scroll) and/or CQB (fast scroll)

there is no hip shooting in this game.

this suggestion makes no sense. why would your sensitivity slow down in zoom? it should be increased due to the gun wobbling affecting the sight picture.

technically there is no hip shooting, but the default view (not directly down the sight) is considered shooting from the hip.

And also aiming down a scope, your movements will be tighter and slower with proper discipline, hence why it should be set to a key to physically limit your characters movement since you cant fine tune your characters movements. The mouse sensitivty can make sniping very dificult otherwise. But for that I can set the mouse speed via a quick press of a button on the mouse itself, slow for sniping, and fast for CQB, but not everyone has these fancy gaming mouse's/mice? So for them, having an in game option to slow or speed up mouse speed would be beneficial.

Dont be a douche

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Most of modern mouses have dpi changing button - why not use it instead?

The thing about changeable DPI mice is that it is something that I believe should be at the core of the game, so that all people can benefit without having to purchase new equipment.

I think it is quite a good idea and it works well in games such as Planetside 2 where they allow you to change the sensitivity when scoped in. Makes it nice to line up perfect shots but quickly snap around when neccessary. Changeable DPI mouse still requires clicking a button to change the DPI when it would be nice to have the game do it automatically.

Planetside 2 is a perfect example. They have sensitivity ranges for everything.

Also allow for freelook sensitivity to be changed!


I would add that, but I don't think you can edit.

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And PLEASE start sensitivity at exactly the same as non zoomed. Because as it is you already have a lower sensitivity zoomed in and this is what drives me mad.

Considering sensitivity is different with scopes, some of the work is already done. Shouldn't be that hard to add a slider to adjust that preexisting function. Really hope this makes it in.

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Use mouse acceleration.

^ Absolutely irrelevant. All that would do is wreck precision of the mouse movement...

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and +1 to Psychomorph second post from top!!!

This is a great idea. We definitely need this. +1.

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Thank you for the feedback and ideas. Implementation of separate sensitivities will definitely be considered by our team.

Might be helpful:

  • The already mentioned changing of sensitivity via special mouse button.
  • Switching acceleration off in Configure->Controls->Mouse.
  • Holding breath via RMB (reduces sway), but doesn't change sensitivity.

@ShotgunSheamuS: The mentioned SHIFT slows down only elevation of mortar/howitzer's gun while being adjusted by PgUp/PgDn.

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Simply speaking - inspired.
Freelok, veh steering, aim zooming... Wow if i would have such options it would be splendid.