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Pistol damage too low.
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Pistol damage is too low, especially with a silencer. A point blank shot in the face to a guy with a helmet will not die. Needs a slight increase but right now it just doesn't have the lethality a pistol should have.


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Shoot someone wearing a helmet in the face with a silenced pistol.

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Please, can you not put this at "high" priority? There are many much more severe issues such as i can't even play the game because it keeps crashing, that are being not seen because of simple things like this.

He is correct, please don't do this in the Future.

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Oh, thats my bad i did not mean to put it at high. I'll see if i can edit it. Thanks for your input Myst.

Edit: Can't seem to find a way to edit it, again i'm sorry and will make sure to not put trivial things like this on high priority again.

If any moderator with the ability to edit it reads this, please change it to tweak which was my intention. Thanks in advance!

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I tried shooting a civilian with a pistol (9mm) and i needed 3 bullets in the torso to kill him...

sometimes it needed 2 bullets to the head to kill

Helmet may take account for the entire head. Did you try it with the helmet removed?

I agree with this whole-heartedly. It's such a hassle to use the pistol in any firefights in MP simply because an assault rifle will wreck me all the time.

I mean, even if I sneak up to someone and let 8 shots out into him, he just turns around and sprays me with his rifle and 1-2 bullets will kill me instantly. It's a bit farfetched in my opinion.

+1 Pistols are meant to be used at closerange, but then, a headshot is fatal, even if you wear a helmet - esp. at really close range.

As it is ATM, gear armor seems to add too much protection against most weapons.

I shot a guy point blank with about seven rounds and he ran off. Who is this guy 50 Cent?!? I will say they were chest shots so maybe the body armor was catching the rounds? I would think I would get through after seven though

Luckz added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 8:59 AM

Pistols seem to have just about no recoil, but also do just about no damage.

I want to mention that in reality pistols are not as lethal as the publicity thinks.

If you dont hit a big vein or an important organ - you basically can take infinity rounds^^ exaggerating here.

But I saw a nice and elaborated referat about damage to humans from several different ammunitions. And pistols were quite harmless in that way.

Here is the video for the interested:

That said: Yes the damage to the head should be incresed - but apart from that a man can take 5 pistol shots to the body.

I think the damage model needs to be altered if this should be realistic. So that you will die if you hit the heart or the center upper body (big veins in the middle).

I dont think is happening soon though.


They should add a Desert Eagle or something similar to the game (hand cannon). I always hated the Marakov and the 911 in arma2, it's just like you are shooting a bee bee gun with plastic bullets.

Luckz added a comment.Mar 22 2013, 8:53 AM

Desert Eagle = super hardcore mega damage weapon *in videogames*.
Nobody portrayed in this game would want to touch one.

yep, shot a guy in open face close range, he took it like a champ.

Up-voted. Sidearms are way too underpowered.

there was a shoot-out with the FBI where two robbers where shot like 30 times each and the shoot-out only ended when one agent used a shotgun. but head-shots should always kill, unless the kevlar helmet stops the bullet? do you mean shooting the face or the helmet.

People would be surprised how "unlethal" small calibre weapons are 9mm and so on.

they just don't have enough power to actually kill on 2-3 shots.

That's why pistols now have such large magazines, more chances to actually put down someone

Also any torso shots with any ceramic plates in the way should just be neglected, bullets (9mm) wont just go through it.

And also kevlar helmets do stop pistol rounds , so unless you hit someone in their face they would just have a big headache

zman, fbi were not involved you douchebag. that event happened in 1997, you must be born in the oughts if you're that unfamiliar with it. the robbers were wearing armor and the police were not equipped with weapons able to penetrate them. they also couldn't get close enough to get proper shots at their face since they also took cover and used assault rifles.

one died when he committed suicide, the other was wounded and bled to death after getting shot by an ar-15 taken in by swat officers. no shotguns were involved in their deaths since they couldn't even penetrate their armor

don't talk out of your ass.

that's not the event I referenced read this

it would be impossible to simulated incapacitation to that degree, so people just "die" in games. like a guy shot in the head and body and crawling three miles and surviving. in arma 3, that would just count as dead ragdoll, unless you want really detailed and sophisticated wounding and behavior.

i doubt bis is capable though.

as for the miami shooting incident. seems like a mix of stress causing agents to fire blindly and low calibre or low ammo capacity pistols.

that's why it's annoying how a lot of people bitch and moan about the police firing a bunch of rounds. there is no training that takes away stress and fear, and as the article stated, the best course of action is to keep firing until the bad guys are no longer moving. combine that with several policemen at once, and you get 50+ shots on a single suspect. and that's perfectly fine.

I can't believe thats how you thought the north hollywood shoot out went... any way pistols are lethal with one shot for those of you who say there not. All they have to do is get a bullet through a main artery and you're a gonner, get shot in the head dead, grt shot in the spine paralized. There are many places you can be shot that would put you out of combat for example if you have not gotten your apendex removed and get shot there your body fills with poison. That would put you out of combat. There are a lot of places that you could survive no problem but when I can give a guy a shot to the face and put a few more in his back then he out runs me for over 2 clicks I think we have a problem here unless I just happen to shoot a guy on PCP. We are talking about the average solder and the average solder with a shot to the head and a few to the back is dead. So the pistol damage needs to go up so that four shots any where is a dead guy unless its hitting vody armor. I dont care who you are you get shot four times in the leg chances are you are spewing blood from and artery and in about one minute your passed out and two your dead unless you recieve instant medical care.

"Pistols are meant to be used at closerange, but then, a headshot is fatal, even if you wear a helmet - esp. at really close range."

This is incorrect. Nearly all modern ballistic helmets will stop pistol rounds. They're Class III/IIIA armor. They won't stop rifle rounds, however. You have to step up to Class IV Armor for rifle protection, which is why modern body armor has "rifle plates" in the front and back(and sometimes sides).

The pistols in A3 feel like they do a very solid amount of damage.

I'm closing this because the pistols do a lot of damage. It takes two rounds close range to take down a guy with helmet. This seems ok to me. If you're using pistol on more than 50 m I'd be surprised if you can hit or kill with one shot IRL especially when the enemy is wearing helmet or vest. In a game we of course make it even more lethal but 9mm pistols are really not that powerful as several people mentioned here.