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Vaulting (v) into enviroment like them sand bunker things and getting caught in there
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When i played a mp mission i volted with v into sandbag structure thing i think it was and got caught, i did get out by volting out again tho but im sure its a small glitch that might be needing a look at i.e volting into things lol.


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V key into stuff like sandbag bunker u get in or on top of it and cant get out till u volt out with v again. Could be for other types of objects if your at the level of the top of the thing in question.

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Reproduced here, also one can go through some closed doors by using the V jump over.

Add some tags, they are there for a reason! I'll vote up when I see tags in the ticket.

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Happens to me too.

Happens when looting a Dead unit as well, and have to vault to escape the gripping corpse.

I was able to reproduce this bug while trying to go up elevation on sandbags. Got stuck in the middle of the sandbag while half of toon was inside object. Couldn't move around for 3 seconds. I finally stood still for 2 - 3 seconds and used the V-command to jump over. That allowed me to step out of the sandbag.

Let's all help get a climb option in the final product! We need it! It makes more sense than a jump and i feel like if enough people are as hardcore about his feature as me, they may throw it in before beta starts!! I'm begging the community to help me get this feature pushed!

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I was able to reproduce the bug by simply facing large sandbags and pressing 'V' to walk through.

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