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Mouse controls almost unusable when float aiming is turned on.
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When float aiming is turned on there is some sort of sensitivity difference from inside the floating box and when you reach the edges to turn. Mouse controls from within the box are fine how ever once you try to turn from the edges the sensitivity is very low and has some sort of acceleration applied to it making it just about impossible to use.


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Just maintain the same mouse speed within the float aim box and once you reach the edge you will see the difference in aiming speed.

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I have the same issue when using deadzone, my mouse is extremely unresponsive when i have it set to my liking.

Please use the search function before you post a new bug.
Check my report #0000761 since it picks up the same problem.

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AlphaMike: Your report seems to be about a different problem. This is about float-zone not zoom difference.

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Temporary FIX regarding aiming deadzone for Arma 3

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Duplicate of higher voted (but newer) ticket #2294